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"You brought us here? You remembered."
"This is home.
Lois Lane and Clark Kent[src]

The Kent farm is a product farm in the rural town of Smallville, Kansas.


The Kent family had farmed the land the farm was built on for over five generations. In the late twentieth century, it became the home of Jonathan and Martha Kent. It was here that a Kryptonian space pod that was the custodian of an infant child crash landed. The couple took the baby in and named him Clark.[1]

Showdown in Smallville

Since 1997, the farm has been solely inhabited by Martha after her husband was killed in a tornado and Clark left home shortly thereafter. Upon finally learning of his true origins Clark returned there and briefly stayed there until rogue Kryptonians arrived. General Dru-Zod and Faora-Ul threatened Martha at the farm looking for the growth codex, until Clark (as Superman) tackled Zod away and engaged him in combat in downtown Smallville.[2]

Death of Clark Kent

Later on, after a devastating battle that involved Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman against Doomsday in Gotham City, New Jersey, Superman sacrificed himself for the world and the woman he loved to defeat Doomsday. Afterwards, while a memorial was held for Superman back east, a small funeral was held for Clark at the Kent farm. Among those notable in attendance who grieved with Martha Kent over her deceased son were Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Pete Ross, Perry White, Jenny Jurwich, and Daniel Leone who presided over Clark's funeral.[3]

Buying the house back

During Clark's absence, the farm goes into foreclosure. After Clark is brought back to life, he and Lois return to the farm, where Clark fully regains his memories and reunites with his mom. Later, as a gift to Clark, Bruce Wayne purchases the bank that bought the farm, allowing Martha to return home.[4]


  • Scenes from the Kent farm were shot at 5498 E Schoolhouse Road, Yorkville, IL 60560, USA



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