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"Lady Lara, shouldn't you find refuge?"
―Kelor to Lara Lor-Van[src]

Kelor was a service robot and servant to Jor-El, who, along with Kelex, helped deliver baby Kal-El.


Kelor is a Kryptonian service robot that is loyal to noble House of El and its leader, Jor-El she was present during 1980 on the planet Krypton, first helping Lara Lor-Van give birth to the latter's son Kal-El, and later helping her select Earth as the planet where Kal-El would be sent. Kelex was later present with Lara Lor-Van and Kelor as Krypton's volcanoes began erupting, signaling the planet's impending destruction. She reminded Lara that she should be heading for safety, but Lara pointed out that there really was no point in doing so. Kelor was then destroyed when Krypton was destroyed.[2]


  • Flight: Kelor's way of moving around is by flying.
  • Holographic projection: Kelor is able to transmit messages across Krypton to other service robots and devices through the use of its liquid geo face.





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