"Sir, is everything alright?"
―Kelex to Jor-El[src]

Kelex was a Kryptonian service android and servant to the noble House of El and its leader, Jor-El, and helped him break free from the Sword of Rao.


Kelex is a Kryptonian service android loyal to the leader of the noble House of El, Jor-El. They were present during 1980 on the planet Krypton delivering the infant Kal-El with Kelor, they also helped Jor-El break free from the Sword of Rao. Kelex was then destroyed when Krypton was destroyed.[1]


  • Flight: Kelex's way of moving around is by flying.
  • Holographic Projection: Kelex is able to transmit messages across Krypton to other service robots and devices through the use of their nanotechnological face.





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