Kara Zor-El was a citizen of the planet Krypton. She was a member of the noble House of El and a distant relative of Kal-El.


Life on Krypton

Kara Zor-El was born on Krypton to Zor-El and Alura around 18,000 years ago. When she was old enough, she joined the Kryptonian Explorer Guild to train as a pilot.

While leading a training exercise in a Kryptonian jungle, she split her team to retrieve three beacons for the Explorer Guild. She sent Nam-Ek and Dora to the south for one, Dev-Em and Kell-Ur, her boyfriend, for another, and partnered with Thara for the third.

Dev-Em bitterly questioned her authority, but Kara dismissed him and sent them off. While Kara was locating the beacon, she heard screams from Kell-Ur, who was about to fall off a cliff. She tried to help him up, but couldn't save him. She accused Dev-Em of his murder, battled and subdued him, and had him arrested to the Kryptonian Law Council. Kell-Ur's murder was the first in a thousand years.[1]

Duel against Dev-Em

Kara on her war kite in Krypton.

Her leadership and valor earned her a team of her own, with a scout mission captaining Scout Ship 0344 to colonize a new world. Kara and her subordinates entered stasis chambers during the journey, intending to sleep for ten years until arriving at their new world, but when Kara awakened, she found that Dev-Em had escaped from prison ten years ago, secretly boarded her ship, and killed the entirety of her crew. The two fought as the ship approached Earth, resulting in a crash landing on Ellesmere Island, Canada.[1][2]

Unknown Fate

Millenia after the crash landing the Scout Ship 0344 was discovered by NASA.[1] Clark Kent, after entering in the Scout ship, found several pods with the carcasses of dead Kryptonians, although there was at least one pod which was notably empty.[2] After further exploration, Clark discovered the bridge which was filled with the long-deceased Kryptonian bridge crew seated on couches. Clark noticed that one of the couches was empty, prompting him to wonder if there had actually been a survivor.[3]


She followed her lifelong dream and enlisted in the Kryptonian Explorer Guild, trained as a pilot and leader and remained determined to accomplish her goals. She cared about her family, but even knowing she may never see them again, she bravely set out on a journey far from Krypton.

Powers and abilities


  • Kryptonian physiology: As a Kryptonian, Kara possesses superhuman abilities. On a planet near a red star, Kara would have physical attributes nearly identical to those of humans, but while on a planet near a yellow star, she is granted many new abilities and powers that surpass the capabilities of humans.
    • Superhuman strength: Kara has an incredible amount of strength which is nearly incalculable, and can carry and apply over millions of tons of force. However, her weakness Kryptonite can lower her strength when exposed to her.
    • Nigh-invulnerability: Kara's body is nearly indestructible, and she is immune to things such as intense heat. However, Kryptonite can make her body less indestructible.
    • Superhuman speed: Kara could run and fly at tremendous speeds.
    • Superhuman reflexes: Her speed also extends to her reflexes.
    • Superhuman stamina: Kara could be able to never seem to grow tired, and could survive flying at high speeds in outer space and underwater.
    • Regenerative healing factor: When exposed to radiation of a yellow sun, she could heal at incredible rates.


  • Skilled combatant: She is a skilled combatant, able to subdue her enemy Dev-Em and have him arrested for killing her boyfriend Kell-Ur. Later, she used her skills to battle and eventually kill Dev-Em.


  • Scout ship 0344: She used this ship to explore the universe, but she was forced to land on Earth when Dev-Em hijacked the ship and diverted the course to the planet.






  • Deborah Snyder elaborated on the empty pod in the Scout Ship shown in Man of Steel. "You know what’s interesting, and I don’t know and I’m not going to say what it means or anything, but the one thing if you look closely when Henry’s going through the Fortress of Solitude there’s an empty… you know all the bodies… the pods? There’s an empty pod. I’m not going to say what, or if, it means anything but there is an empty pod there."
    • When Zack Snyder was asked directly if the character she was referring to was Supergirl, Snyder responded, “No. [Laughs] I’m not going to say anything but, it’s a thing."
  • David S. Goyer went on to say he did intentionally leave some loose ends, not as sequel bait, but just because he thought they were interesting. "There’s a shot there – and, it’s funny, at one point Zack took it out, but I cried ‘Uncle!’, and he put it back in. But you see there are four pods: three of them have skeletons in them, but one is open and there is no skeleton. Zack had missed it the first time he read the script. I pointed it out to him, and he was like, ‘Okay, that’s interesting. That’s an interesting loose end."[4]
  • David Goyer later revealed that there was an idea for an alternate ending of Man of Steel, which would have involved one of the cryopods on the ship being used to trap Zod instead of killing him. He however did not reveal if this was the same pod that Kara used.[5]
  • In the DC Universe, Kara Zor-El is Superman's cousin, Supergirl. Kara dreams of flying and saving Kell-Ur from his death as a reference to Supergirl.
  • In February of 2021, Sasha Calle was cast in the role of Supergirl for The Flash film.[6] Whether or not her character is meant to be the same as the Kara Zor-El introduced in the Man of Steel Prequel comic has yet to be determined.


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