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For the composition of the same name, see Kahndaq (composition).

"Before Rome, before Babylon, before the Pyramids, there was Kahndaq. The first self-governing people on Earth, Kahndaq was a center of power and enlightenment."
Amon Tomaz[src]

Kahndaq is a country in the Middle Eastern region of Africa, located between Egypt and Jordan.


Ancient Times[]

Kahndaq was founded many millennia ago in 3,600 B.C. and was known for hotspots of power and enlightenment. Additionally, Kahndaq developed the first forms of self-governance. However, this changed in 2600 B.C. when the Kahndaqi people were forced into slavery or fended for themselves under the tyrannical rule of Ahk-Ton.

Choosing a Champion[]

Kahndaq city

Kahndaq in ancient times.

At one point, a young boy named Hurut did heroic and courageous acts for the nation of Kahndaq. This led him to be chosen as the first champion of Shazam and the Council of Wizards. Due to his new powers, he became the protector of Kahndaq.[1] However, he eventually passed his powers onto his father, Teth-Adam to save him.

Massacre in Kahndaq[]

After Teth-Adam's family was murdered, he became brutal and ruthless. This led him to unleash the Seven Deadly Sins upon Kahndaq, killing millions.[1] Additionally, he killed those responsible for his son's murder and destroyed half of Kahndaq in his rage, Because of this terrible act, Shazam imprisoned him in the confines of the Earth. After this event, Shazam swore to only deem those worthy if they were pure of heart.[1]

Modern Era[]

By 1995, the region was known to have begun destabilizing due to the influence of hostile forces who put the country under military occupation.[2]

Occupied by Intergang[]

In January 2021, the The Evergreen Sentinel reported that the group known as Intergang was starting to assert control within the region.[3] Later that year, Intergang completed its occupation of the country and oppressed the population. As a result, Adrianna Tomaz became a resistance fighter in hopes to achieve freedom for Kahndaq. She eventually released Teth-Adam, who immediately engaged in brutal warfare against Intergang, attracting the attention of the Justice Society of America, who sought to stop Teth-Adam.

Notable Kahndaqis[]


  • In the comics, Kahndaq is stated to be a Middle Eastern country, located on the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula. Its capital is known as Shiruta, after Teth-Adam's first wife; the name is described to be the city where Teth-Adam and his son Hurut worked in Black Adam, although it has yet to be clarified if it is indeed the capital of the nation.
  • The people of Kahndaq fought the Legions of Hell in Shiruta led by Amon Tomaz.


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