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Kahndaq is a country located in Africa, between Egypt and Jordan.


Choosing a Champion

At one point, Teth-Adam had done heroic and courageous acts for the nation of Kahndaq, and this led him to being chosen as the first champion of the wizard Shazam. Due to his new powers, he became the ruler of Kahndaq and eventually started a family.[1]

Massacre in Kahndaq

Sometime later, when his family was murdered by criminals, he became brutal and ruthless, and this led him to unleash the Seven Deadly Sins upon the criminals who murdered his family and the people of Kahndaq, killing millions.[1]


Because of this terrible act, Shazam imprisoned him in the confines of the Earth ever since, plaguing him with the name "Black Adam". After this event, Shazam swore to only deem those worthy if they were pure of heart.[1]

Notable Kahndaqians


  • In the comics, Kahndaq is stated to be a Middle Eastern country, located on the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula.


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