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"We're the Justice Society. Our mission is to protect global stability. We're here to restore peace to Kahndaq. And we will use force if necessary."
Hawkman to Teth-Adam[src]

The Justice Society are a team of super powered individuals founded to defend the world more effectively. Founded and led by Carter Hall, the team began with an integrated lineup with the Atom Smasher and Doctor Fate, operating on many missions and gaining fans over time. Eventually, the Justice Society fell apart, with each member going their separate ways and being eventually forgotten by people.

Many years later, Hawkman was alerted to the reemergence of Teth-Adam, so he brought the team back together by integrating new recruits into the ranks. Carter recruited heroine Maxine Hunkel, who was a huge fan of the team, along with Pratt's nephew, Al Rothstein. Hall ended his search by bringing Kent Nelson back onto the team.

Having reconvened the team, the Justice Society was assigned to travel to Kahndaq and stop Teth-Adam, who had been freed, but upon being defeated, they decided to make a truce with him, helping him save Amon Tomaz from Intergang. Once Adam surrendered and was arrested, the Justice Society fought against Ishmael Gregor who had possessed the Crown of Sabbac. During the fight Nelson sacrificed himself to free Adam, making the team triumph and becoming Adam's allies.


Golden age[]


Hawkman with the Justice Society

The Justice Society on their early days.

"Of course, there was a time when I found refuge within a band of heroes, champions united by a common cause. We called ourselves the Justice Society and, for one glorious moment, I felt as though I belonged somewhere other than this lonely keep. But those days are gone."
Kent Nelson[src]

At some point, the superhero known as Hawkman formed the Justice Society to fight crime and defend the world more effectively, joining Kent Nelson, a powerful sorcerer known as Doctor Fate, and Al Pratt, a vigilante with capabilities to alter his size according to his convenience known as Atom Smasher. The group mainly believed in fighting for truth and justice, having multiple adventures that would be reported by the media and gaining many fans in their glory days.[1] Due to the adventures they had, they eventually became great friends, coming to regard the team as a family.[2]

Battle against Naeco the Destroyer[]

During their activities as vigilantes, the Justice Society encountered an individual known as Naeco the Destroyer who was in possession of the uritrium trident. Following a confrontation with Naeco, the Trident was recovered by the Justice Society and given over to the St. Roch Museum.[1]


Eventually the Justice Society split up for unknown reasons, going their separate ways, while Hawkman would continue his activities as a vigilante. With the passage of time, the Justice Society wanted to be forgotten, being only remembered by few people and remaining as a myth for many.[1] After resigning from the Justice Society, Kent Nelson also resigned from his work as a hero, sheltering in the Tower of Fate to achieve inner peace without having to resort to wearing the Helmet of Fate.[1] Over time, Abigail Hunkel would tell her granddaughter from a very young age about the Justice Society, telling her how they showed how big the United States of America and the world were, Maxine would not be long and soon she would become a big fan of the team until her adulthood, dreaming of being able to fly with them.[3]

Team reformation[]

James Craddock's premonition[]

"Something is coming, Jeremy... something I won't be able to handle alone."
―Hawkman to Jeremy[src]
Hawkman estimates that a threat is approaching

Hawkman sets out to reunite the Justice Society.

Many years later, Hawkman would be forced to face the ghost of James Craddock to return him to the underworld, after Carter won the battle, Craddock mentioned to him that a threat was approaching. Realizing that he couldn't stop the threat alone, Hawkman soon met with his friend Jeremy to tell him about the attack, ultimately deciding to reform the Justice Society along with the help of new recruits.[1]

Recruiting Cyclone[]

"I'm putting together a team, the Justice Society. We're needed, now more than ever, and I wondered, I hoped, that you will join us."
―Hawkman to Maxine Hunkel[src]

Researching the Internet, Hawkman soon came across information on the metahuman Maxine Hunkel along with her origins and sense of justice, as well as discovering that she was a huge fan of the Justice Society from a very young age, Hawkman then considered recruiting her on the team, Carter would soon fly on top of her as she confronted a person who took the drug Tar, seeing how she stopped the attacks.

Hawkman asks Maxine Hunkel to join the Justice Society

Hawkman asks Maxine Hunkel to join the Justice Society.

After Hunkel escaped into an alley, Hawkman approached her causing Hunkel's nervousness who did not know what to answer, Carter let her know that her powers were impressive as well as explain how the Tar drug worked. Hawkman then proceeded to mention that he was putting together a team, proposing her to join the Justice Society, for which she, very nervous, did not know what to answer and ended up rejecting the offer and escaping from the alley, quickly regretting her decision.

Hawkman helps Cyclone to stop some thugs

Hawkman and Cyclone stop some thugs.

Maxine soon confronted Detective King who consumed the drug, managing to win the confrontation but being threatened with a gun by the corrupt cop, for which Hawkman helped her, then introduced himself to her again and asked if everything was alright, and then assumed to be glad that she joined the Justice Society knowing that it was her dream, calling her by her alias Cyclone, while Maxine admired him happily agreeing to be part of the team.[3]

Recruiting Atom Smasher[]

Rothstein wears the Atom Smasher's suit for the first time

Rothstein wears the Atom Smasher's suit for the first time after joining the Justice Society.

"Do you think I'm ready?"
"Maybe, but whatever happens at least now you can dress the part..."
Albert Rothstein and Al Pratt[src]

Al Pratt's nephew, Albert Rothstein had set out on his first mission by stopping dangerous mercenaries from acquiring weapons, succeeding in the operation. Pratt would then contact Carter Hall to mention that his nephew had powers to change size, as well as a strong desire to become a vigilante, so they would end up deciding to recruit him for the Justice Society. As a gift in a package, Pratt gave Rothstein his Atom suit so he could operate on the team as the vigilante Atom Smasher.[4]

Contacting Kent Nelson[]

"You're reforming the Justice Society."
"I am. How did you... nerver mind. I wanted to know-"
"You wanted to know if Doctor Fate will once again stand at Hawkman's side. Yes. Yes, he will... for all our sakes."
Kent Nelson and Carter Hall[src]

Eventually, Carter Hall decided to team up with Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate for the upcoming battle. When Carter was about to call Nelson to rejoin the team, he predicted this action due to his powers and called first, causing Hall to be impressed, so he would proceed to propose returning, however Kent again deduced his proposal, surprising him for finding out, Nelson then agreed to fight side by side with Hall once more.[2]


After Teth-Adam was freed from Kahndaq and began brutal warfare against Intergang, the new Justice Society traveled to Kahndaq to stop his actions and hand him over to A.R.G.U.S..[5]

Skirmish in Shiruta[]

To be added[5]

Truce with Teth-Adam[]

To be added[5]

Uprising of Kahndaq[]

Chase for Amon Tomaz[]

To be added[5]

Attack on the Al Hadidiyah Mine[]

To be added[5]

Imprisonment of Teth-Adam[]

To be added[5]

Battle of Kahndaq[]

To be added[5]

Recruiting Billy Batson[]

"Welcome to the Justice Society."
"Yeah, aweso.. wait, what? The Justice Society? Is that different than the Justice League?"
Emilia Harcourt and Billy Batson[src]

After Billy Batson sacrificed himself to save the world from Kalypso and was resurrected by Wonder Woman, Amanda Waller began to take an interest in him and began investigating him, considering him to join the Justice Society for his powers and abilities. She sends Emilia Harcourt and John Economos to Philadelphia to try to recruit him in the team.[6]








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