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Justice League - Title Card

There's a wide variety of Justice League merchandise, which is detailed below.


Justice League home media[]






Character figures[]


Prime 1 Studio 1:3 scale[]

DC Collectibles 1:6 scale[]

Kotobukiya ArtFX 1:6 scale[]

Icon Heroes 1:9 scale[]

Iron Studios 1:10 scale[]

Diamond Select Toys 1:8 scale dioramas[]

Other statues[]

Hot Toys[]


Action figures[]

DC Multiverse[]

Mattel 3.75-inch action figures[]

Square Enix Play Arts[]

Barbie dolls[]

Dynamic 8ction Heroes[]

Other action figures[]


Jada Toys products[]

A few new Nano Metalfigs were released, but as with the Batman v Superman set, Jada Toys didn't seem to feel the need to recreate character figures when they already had similar counterparts in the general DC set. Similarly, while the other Justice League members received new Metalfigs, Wonder Woman did not, already having several from the previous sets. New Batmobile scale models were also released.


Funko Pop![]

Funko Pocket Pop! Keychain[]

Funko Mystery Minis[]

The Justice League Mystery Minis set was the first to introduce variable rarity. Variable rarity tends to be used to make the more popular characters easier to find, while forcing the more serious collectors to purchase extra figures to find the rare ones. The base set had 13 figures, while Hot Topic and GameStop each had 3 exclusives for a total of 19 in the compete set. The sculpts became more advanced with this set, with characters' faces noticeably looking more like the actors who played them. Character scale was also considered, making the smaller characters (Mera, Flash) slightly smaller, while bigger characters (Steppenwolf) were slightly bigger. Previous sets had relatively uniform scale.

Other Funko products[]



Knight Models[]

Mini Mez-Itz[]




Other character figures[]

Other toys and collectibles[]

LEGO DC Super Heroes[]

Hot Wheels[]

Several products were produced for Justice League. The Man of Steel and Wonder Woman were re-released for their third movie, while the remaining four members of the Justice League each received one new character car. A Justice League version of the Batmobile was also created, along with 15 new versions of previous castings. There was also a new playset as well as a Uniquely Identifiable Vehicles version of the Justice League Batmobile, which is the same size as a standard Hot Wheels car, but can be used with digital Hot Wheels content.

DC Character Cars

  • Superman (renamed from Man of Steel)
    • DC Universe single, white wheels (2017)
    • 5-pack (with Cyborg, Batman, Aquaman, Flash) (2017)
    • DC Universe single, re-release with new card art (2019)
  • Batman
    • DC Universe single (2017)
    • 2-pack exclusive (with Aquaman), "Tactical Suit" variant (2017)
    • 5-pack (with Cyborg, Superman, Aquaman, Flash) (2017)
  • Wonder Woman
    • DC Universe single, re-release with new card art (2017)
  • The Flash
    • DC Universe single (2017)
    • 5-pack (with Cyborg, Batman, Aquaman, Superman) (2017)
    • DC Universe single, re-release with new card art (2018)
    • DC Universe single, re-release with new card art (2019)
  • Aquaman
    • DC Universe single, redesign of non-DCEU Aquaman casting (2017)
    • 2-pack exclusive (with Batman), slightly different wheels (2017)
    • 5-pack (with Cyborg, Batman, Superman, Flash) (2017)
  • Cyborg
    • DC Universe single, redesign of non-DCEU Cyborg casting (2017)
    • 5-pack (with Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash) exclusive (2017)
  • Justice League Batmobile
    • Replica Entertainment single (2017)
    • Batman single (2018)
    • Batman single, dark blue (2018)
    • Justice League 5-pack (2018)
    • Batman single, silver (2019)
    • Batman single, purple (2019)
    • Hot Wheels Entertainment single (2019)
    • Hot Wheels id: Batman, black with gray emblem and markings (2019)
    • Hot Wheels id: Batman, red with yellow spray paint markings based on Joker (2021)
    • Batman single, black plastic with yellow accents (2021)
    • DC Batman Premium 5-Pack, glossy black (2022)


  • Power Pro (Superman Super Tsunami variant)
  • Bully Goat (Superman variant)
  • Street Shaker (Batman variant)
  • Maximum Leeway (Wonder Woman variant)
  • Ryura LX (Wonder Woman variant)
  • Blvd. Bruiser (Aquaman variant)
  • Quick n' Sik (Cyborg variant)
  • Sir Ominous (Cyborg variant)
  • RD-09 (Flash variant)
  • Synkro (Flash variant)
  • Bassline (Justice League variant)



  • Justice League Batmobile - Uniquely Identifiable Vehicles series
  • Justice League Batmobile (2020 Joker graffiti variant) - Uniquely Identifiable Vehicles series

Blind bags[]

Mighty Minis, Figural Keyrings, and Mystery Minis were released for Justice League.

Mighty Minis:

Figural Keyrings:

  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Batman (tactical suit
  • Wonder Woman
  • Flash
  • Aquaman
  • Cyborg
  • Mera
  • Steppenwolf
  • Parademon
  • Flying Fox

Other toys[]

Food-related products[]

Fast food promotions[]

McDonald's released a set of bobble head backpack hangers that could be purchased with any meal for a limited time in 2017. They were:

Burger King in Russia released a set of statuettes in their King Jr. meals consisting of:

KFC released a set of kids' meal toys including:

  • Superman
  • Tactical-suit Batman in the Batmobile
  • Wonder Woman
  • Flash
  • Cyborg

Grocery promotions[]


Clothes and accessories[]

Shoes and footwear[]

Other clothing[]

New Era hats[]


Bags and backpacks[]

Jewelry and keyrings[]

Other merchandise[]

Prop replicas[]

Cards and board games[]


Hygiene products[]

Vehicle promotions[]

Mercedes-Benz held a Justice League promotion wherein two of their vehicles were featured in the film. Bruce Wayne's Vision Gran Turismo was custom made for the film, and the E-Class Cabriolet also made its film debut as Diana's personal vehicle. For more information, visit the Mercedes-Benz website for their Justice League article. Mercedes-Benz also released a series of six promotional comics for free on their Instagram page.

Unsorted merchandise[]