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For the entity that used to possess her, see Enchantress.

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June Moone is an archeologist who was possessed by an ancient and incredibly powerful mystical being named Enchantress.


Early life

June Moone was born in Washington, D.C. on August[2] 10, 1987[3] as the second child of John and Lynda Moone, a middle class family from the suburbs of Metropolis. During her childhood, June was often drawn to the natural world, spending a lot of after school time in a local ravine. Upon the encouragement of her parents, June was able to fast-track through high school and receive acceptance into Metropolis University at the young age of 16. After completing her B.A., Moone entered Gotham City University as part of her masters degree and later returned to Metropolis three years after in order to complete her Ph.D.[1]

First expedition

In 2010, Moone first heard what she later identified as the voice of the Enchantress during her first field expedition, collecting evidence to support her thesis regarding the Chalcolithic Period ritual burial sites of the Southern Levant.[1]

Fearing she was developing schizophrenia, she took a brief leave from her studies,[2] during which she pursued oil painting at a Buddhist retreat in Thailand. Moone recounted that she never fully recovered from her psychological condition, though she returned to schooling and and would eventually enter her professional field as an archaeologist specializing in the ritual worship of earth-mother figures in the pre-agrarian societies of South America.[1]

At some point during or after this period, she got acquainted with Manuel and Luis, two mountain guides who she would work with over the next few years.[4]


June Moone being possessed by Enchantress.

On December 21, 2015, June went on an expedition to the Tres Osos Caves in the north-central highlands of Peru on a research grant from Metropolis University with the stated goal of collecting evidence to defend her theory that the transhumant foragers who occupied Pacific littoral settlements forayed into the valleys and highlands of the Andes to support broad subsistence economies.[1] In truth however, June had a different and more pressing goal in mind. The being known as the Enchantress had been haunting her dreams, convincing her to search for a particular place by a specific deadline, otherwise she would certainly die. She would eventually become lost on her expedition.[4] She tried to retrace her steps for several hours, before slipping into a limestone shaft and falling into a cavern containing a tomb. A doll-shaped container caught her eye. She picked it up, carelessly caressing it and promptly snapping its head off, which broke a seal that released the spirit of an ancient being from another dimension. The spirit then possessed June's body, inhabiting her normal self until she said the word "Enchantress", upon which her normal consciousness would be overtaken by the ancient spirit inside.

It would not be long before she came to the attention of Amanda Waller during her search for metahumans for the United States government. Waller sent her subordinate Colonel Rick Flag to apprehend June and watch over her. Not before long, June and Rick would fall in love, fulfilling Waller's intention to attain leverage over the both of them. Meanwhile, Waller sent people to locate the tomb in which June was possessed and find the spirit's "heart", the only thing capable of controlling it. Once in Waller's possession, she had the power to control the Enchantress.

June Moone transforming into Enchantress.

When Waller approached the government for approval to form Task Force X, June accompanied her for the purpose of turning herself into the Enchantress in front of the committee to convince the members of the use of harnessing criminals and metahumans for military purposes. She used her teleportation abilities to warp to Iran and obtain a file containing the Iranian nuclear arsenal inventory as a gift to impress the chairman, and Waller was then given their authorization.[3]

Moone betraying Rick Flag.

Soon after, June transformed into the Enchantress during her sleep while in Midway City. She teleported away and opened another vial, which contained the spirit of her brother Incubus. She went to Midway City and incapacitated a man in the subway to use as a host for Incubus once she would release him. She told him to wait and build up his powers. For the rest of the time, June's body was used as a vessel for the Enchantress as she built up her army and assembles her powers.[3]

Final battle

Moone and Flag reuniting.

Eventually, the Suicide Squad managed to make it to the place where Enchantress was held up at and engaged both her and her brother, Incubus, in battle. This led to El Diablo having to use his full powers and fight off Incubus, resulting in a bomb blowing up beneath them and killing both of them. Enchantress then forced away all of the Squad members' weapons and tried to convince them once more to join her, but Harley Quinn instead borrowed the Soultaker and sliced Enchantress, which led to her downfall and eventually her death at the hands of Flag. Despite the death of Enchantress, June is revealed to be alive and is taken back home.[3]


June appears to be a sweet and kind woman, intelligent and interested in the past of ancient cultures. However, she made the mistake of opening the vial containing the spirit of the malevolent Enchantress, becoming host to the evil inter-dimensional entity. Since then, June lived in fear of Enchantress taking her over; however, it appears the witch couldn't keep control of her for long periods of time. Over time, June became frightened and wanted help. This came in the form of Rick Flag, who was assigned to guard her and eventually became her lover, thereby giving her the emotional support she needed.

Despite a lover to keep her worries at bay, June feared that one day Enchantress would take over for good, and therefore she begged Rick to kill Enchantress if things went catastrophically wrong, even if that meant that she would die in the process too. June's fears were almost realized during the Midway City incident, but she was ultimately able to survive Enchantress' demise and reunited with Rick Flag.


  • Bilingualism: June speaks English and Spanish.[4]






  • Amanda Waller's top secret file says that June Moone was born in Metropolis and that she was accepted into Metropolis University to study anthropology at age 16 after fast-tracking her way through high school. After completing her B.A., she attended Gotham University for her masters and then returned to Metropolis three years later to complete her Ph.D. However, some of this information is put into question as the A.R.G.U.S. website says Moone is from Washington, D.C., and not Metropolis. Meanwhile, the novelization states that June had never even been to Washington D.C. prior to her appearance in the White House to display Enchantress' gifts. The movie itself confirmed Washington D.C. as the place of her birth via the A.R.G.U.S. file seen at the very end of the film.
    • The file also says Moone's birthday is August 14, 1988, however the A.R.G.U.S. website would later say her birthday is three days later on August 17. The movie meanwhile, seemingly contradicts both sources with the A.R.G.U.S. file seen at the end of the film, which gives her date of birth as 10/0/1987.

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