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Judomaster is a master martial artist bodyguard and an enemy of the violent vigilante Peacemaker. A firm believer in the Butterflies' cause, he challenged the 11th Street Kids in their quest to stop the aliens.


At some point in time, Judomaster was approached by the queen of the butterflies and was convinced to support the butterflies' agenda to take over world leaders and enforce measures to prevent humans from polluting Earth to the point of becoming inhospitable, the fate that the butterflies' home planet had suffered.[4] Eek Stack Ik Ik had taken over the body of senator Royland Goff, Judomaster was appointed as one of the Goff family's bodyguards so that he could protect the butterfly queen, also knowing that the entire Goff family had been taken over by butterflies.

Royland Goff's assassination

"You know, I'm gonna keep you around, in case I snap my Achilles tendon, I'll replace it with your whole fuckin' body. That way you can help me flex my toes for the rest of my life. Thank you. "
"Remember when I fucked you up?
Christopher Smith and Judomaster[src]

During Project Butterfly, Peacemaker was assigned to assassinate Goff. Once Emilia Harcourt and Peacemaker arrived at the Goff residence, Judomaster was seen talking with Goff's other bodyguard outside of Goff's home eating Cheetos. Once Goff's wife, son and daughter were killed, Judomaster saw Vigilante about to terminate Goff and stopped him, getting into a fight with Peacemaker and Vigilante and eventually defeating them both.

Judomaster is defeated by John Economos.

Peacemaker and Vigilante were captured and taken by Goff to a space underground, where Judomaster was teased by Peacemaker many times. Goff later ordered Judomaster to "Go tell them what's occurred here," and Judomaster attempted to leave. John Economos noticed him trying to escape and prevented him from doing so by crashing into his getaway vehicle. Judomaster was seen trying to crawl away but is incapacitated by John after being hit in the head 5 times with a crowbar.[1] Judomaster was taken and kept alive by Economos on a couch at their Henenlotter Video base.[2]

Escape and defeat

"You have no idea! Butterflies... they're not what you think! They are-"
―Judomaster to Christopher Smith, moments before getting shot[src]

Judomaster woke, immediately trying to break out of the chains he was tied in, but struggled to do so. Eventually, he managed to break free and injure Economos badly, with John later pointing out to Peacemaker where Judomaster had escaped through. Peacemaker then tried to find Judomaster, goading him into a rematch which Judomaster accepted. During the fight Judomaster attempted to convince Peacemaker that the butterflies weren't what he was being led to believe, but before he could finish his sentence Judomaster was shot by Leota Adebayo, badly injuring him. Judomaster was taken again and attended to by Economos in order to keep him alive.[2]

Second Escape and second defeat

"Kiai! Ding-Dong, bitches!"
"Oh, you gotta be fucking kidding me right now.
―Judomaster and Leota Adebayo[src]

Judomaster at the Store

At some point , Judomaster escaped the video base once again. He was eating Cheetos outside of the E-Z P-Z Mart when two men teased him and called him a "Leprechaun" because of his size and suit colors. After the men were done shopping, Judomaster knocked them both unconscious, teased them like they did to him and stole their car to drive to Adebayo's apartment.

Once arriving at Adebayo's apartment, he immediately attacked Harcourt and in the process renders Adebayo unconscious. Judomaster and Harcourt battled for a while, when he was about to kill Harcourt she taunted that she was only distracting him giving Adebayo the chance to tase Judomaster repeated until he fell unconscious.[3]

The next day Judomaster reached Coverdale Ranch where he cried after seeing the sheer massacre of the butterflies.[4]


Judomaster's Sigil

Judomaster is a very aggressive person, quick to pick fights and attack anyone he deems to be an enemy, regardless of if they can defend themselves. Judomaster is also very vindictive, mocking Peacemaker and Vigilante after defeating the pair singlehandedly, while similarly staying in the building following his escape from Task Force X's imprisonment instead of running away, so that he could take vengeance on Economos for running him over with a van. Judomaster gets especially irritated when teased about his short height. Judomaster's encounters with Peacemaker frequently devolve to the two throwing petty insults at each other.

Though Judomaster at a glance seems to be a simple individual driven only by violence, he is smarter than he seems, and is pragmatic enough to realize that Task Force X was being misled about the Butterflies' true nature and attempted to warn Peacemaker about it, but was shot before he could explain himself. He even shed a tear upon learning of their demise.

Judomaster is fond of Cheetos and other similar kinds of snacks.


"We understand he's dangerous."
Clemson Murn[src]
  • Peak human condition: Judomaster is very physically fit. While he is not as strong as Peacemaker, he is very quick, agile and was able to use his own strength against him.
    • Peak human strength: Jusomaster has very good amount of strength even with his small size. He was strong enough, however, launch a powerful kick to Emilia Harcourt a considerable distance, flick Cheetos at Peacemaker with enough force to hurt him, as well as kick John Economos into a desk, breaking it and injuring him.
    • Peak human durability: Judomaster is shown to be able to survive major injures such as being run over by a van or a gunshot wound and recover in only a few days. After being hit by a van, it took John Economos whacking Judomaster's head with a crowbar multiple times until he fell unconscious, then immediately upon regaining consciousness he was able to escape from captivity and fight Peacemaker without much trouble. He also needed little recovery time after he was shot in his center mass by Adebayo, being able to exact vengeance on two men who ridiculed him and hold the upper hand against Harcourt and Adebayo. He was subdued once more by the latter with her Taser, although it did take her a long time to send him into unconsciousness.
    • Peak human agility: Judomaster is very agile and light on his feet and capable of expertly maneuvering around his opponents with rolls and flips.

Judomaster delivering a punch

  • Master martial artist: As his name implies, Judomaster is an extremely skilled and formidable martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant. His fighting style seems to be comprised of Judo, Karate, Capoeira, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and Jujutsu. He served as a senator's bodyguard, and he was capable of fighting off as well as defeating Peacemaker, Vigilante, and Emilia Harcourt simultaneously. Although he later lost the upper hand against Peacemaker, it is possible he was still recovering from getting hit by a car and beaten with a crowbar by Economos. Even after he recovered from getting shot in the chest, he was able to quickly neutralize two men outside a store and gain the upper hand against Harcourt and Adebayo, although the former distracted him so the latter could stun him with her Taser.
  • Skilled marksman: Despite being a close-quarters fighter, Judomaster is adept at using guns. He was able to use Peacemaker's gun to shoot at Vigilante.
  • Skilled escapologist: Judomaster was easily able to escape John Economos' restraints through concentration and rotating his wrists.
  • Stealth: Judomaster is somewhat fond with stealth. He easily sneaked behind Vigilante and ambushed him with other members such as Harcourt and Peacemaker. After escaping from restraints, he was able to hid himself and ambushed Economos behind him. He even hid on the truck and ambushed Smith in order to get a clear advantage for himself.





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