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"This is Jotunheim. A scientific experimentation facility containing something only known as Project Starfish."
Amanda Waller[src]

Jotunheim was a Nazi-built prison and laboratory located in Valle Del Mar, Corto Maltese where experimentation took place on political prisoners. The prison was controlled by the tyrannical Maltese dictator Silvio Luna until Task Force X invaded the country.



The Suicide Squad - Basking in the green light

Rick Flag, Ratcatcher 2, and the Thinker inside Jotunheim.

"Nazis came here seeking asylum after World War II. They built Jotunheim to continue their unorthodox experiments. Until the Herrera family accepted the bounty on the Nazis' heads and killed them all."
Silvio Luna[src]

At some point after World War II, Nazi scientists sought refuge in Corto Maltese and were accepted. They later built Jotunheim and experimented there under the protection of the Herrera Family. The Herraras however betrayed them and had all the scientists murdered. In the following decades, the Herreras used the facility to commit unorthodox experiments, sending their political rivals and their families to be used as test subjects to maintain their tyrannical regime. Near the end of the Cold War, Starro was discovered by American astronauts and sent to Jotunheim for experimentation with collaboration from the American government, eventually leading to the creation of Project Starfish, led by the metahuman scientist Gaius Grieves.

Reign of Silvio Luna[]

Years later, when Silvio Luna took control of Maltese as its new dictator and in hanged the current reigning Hererra family members in a military coup, the American black-ops organization Task Force X invaded the country in two separate strike teams on a mission to destroy Jotunheim and all traces of Project Starfish. They succeeded, but accidentally freed its prisoner.[1]

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Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the comics, Jotunheim is a fortress built in the mountainous southern region of Qurac by the Nazi Party in World War II. It was the base of the terrorist organization known as the Jihad, and it was destroyed by a nuclear explosion triggered by Rick Flag, killing himself and everyone inside.
  • Jotunheim is one of the Nine Worlds in Norse Mythology.


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