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"Maybe I'm stupid, but why would you even want to wear that on a mission? A bright red shirt and white pants aren't exactly conducive to working in the shadows."
―John Economos to Peacemaker[src]

John Economos is a snarky but well-meaning member of ARGUS, and an aide to Amanda Waller. Economos acted as part of mission control support for Task Force X during the mission of Corto Maltese, after John and his team disobeyed Waller to help the squad defeating Starro. In revenge, Economos along with Harcourt were sent to join as part of Clemson Murn's team on a mission to save the world.


Early life

At some point in his life Economos became a member of ARGUS. He became a member of the ground crew of Task Force X, and was tasked with helping coordinate missions and control dangerous criminals like Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, Savant, and more.

The Corto Maltese mission

Recruiting Task Force X

Economos accompanies Waller to recluit Bloodsport.

John accompanied Amanda Waller along with Emilia Harcourt and Flo Crawley to recruit Bloodsport for Task Force X. John was scared because Waller threatened Bloodsport with his daughter. After this, John and the team finished recruiting the members by forming two teams to go to two different parts of the island of Corto Maltese. Three days later, the first strike team would be sent to the shores of Corto Maltese, so Economos, Emilia, Flo and other workers made bets on who survives and who dies.

Battle on the Corto Maltese Beach

John Economos hands the bet money to Harcourt.

While they were betting, Waller would arrive to interrupt them by ordering them to get into position since the squad had reached the Corto Maltese beach. John and the team quickly positioned and they watched as the squad arrived, but team one was quickly killed and Economos became angry because he had a bet on Weasel. After the battle ended with Harley Quinn and Rick Flag as only survivors and the second strike team arriving at the island, Economos started to count the bills he had and handed the bet money to Crawley and Harcourt.

Losing Communication

"Hey, all that stuff about his kid... you wouldn't really do that, right?"
"You don't know half of what I would do, John."
—John Economos and Amanda Waller[src]

Economos asks Amanda Waller about Bloodsport's daughter.

John scoffed when it was revealed that Bloodsport was afraid of rats and quickly revealed that he found the location of Colonel Rick Flag. Later, John and the others lost communication with team two and he was still concerned that Waller was threatening Bloodsport's daughter. Waller would then threaten DuBois not to receive surprises during the connection failure, since they could still activate the Nano-bombs and murder his daughter. Economos would then take the opportunity to ask Waller if the threats were serious, for which Waller replied that she was very capable.

Helping Team Two

"Oh my God! What the fuck did you do!?"
"All those people, John... Little kids..."
—John Economos and Flo Crawley[src]

John Economos surprises after seeing Starro.

John and the team watched Starro break free at Corto Maltese surprising him thinking it was a kaiju, however Waller didn't want to do anything about it due her sole objective was to destroy the records linking the United States to Project Starfish, Bloodsport would decide to disobey Waller by going to fight against Starro, so that then the rest of the members would follow in his footsteps, so Waller would explode their nano-bombs, however on an impulse from Flo Crawley, she would knock out Waller, initially Economos was surprised by Crawley's actions, Crawley would stress to him the importance of saving the people of Corto Maltese.

John Economos helps Task Force X to confront Starro.

Instantly after Economos and the entire team betrayed Waller, they helped team two to deal with the threat. Economos would then analyze the streets in his system and tell the squad that the best alternative to fight Starro was Calle Aguero. The squad then managed to assassinate Starro, a few hours later when Amanda Waller woke up from the blow, Economos and the rest of his teammates felt uncomfortable disobeying Waller.

Saving the world

Recruiting Peacemaker

"You realize this is revenge, right? Waller knows we double crossed her and she's getting back at us by saddling us with this Douchebag."
―John Economos and Emilia Harcourt[src]

Economos is upset to working with Christopher Smith.

Later after the battle against Starro, John and Emilia Harcourt went to the Mount Rouge Health Center on Waller's vengeful orders to recruit Peacemaker on a mission to save the world, although John was upset about working with him. Upon arrival the hospital, they were treated by Dr. Alandy who took them to see Smith's stretcher, and they reviewed his condition while being in a coma.


"She's gonna kill his kid?"
―John Economos to Harcourt and Crawley[src]

John Economos is a very insecure person with the decisions that some of his superiors make, mainly Amanda Waller since Economos was very afraid when she threatened Bloodsport with murdering his daughter. Disobeying Waller to help Task Force X confront Starro shows that Economos prefers the safety of the citizens of Corto Maltese over American reputations, in contrast to Waller's extremism. After disobeying Waller, John would feel very uncomfortable for questioning her. Similarly, Economos did not feel comfortable working with Christopher Smith for new missions.


  • Expert computer scientist: Economos is a genius in technology proving it by locating the location of Rick Flag.





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