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"Don't fuck with John Economos, Motherfucker."
―John Economos to Judomaster[src]

John Economos is a snarky but well-meaning member of A.R.G.U.S., and an aide to Amanda Waller. Economos was part of mission control support for Task Force X during the mission in Corto Maltese, after he and his team disobeyed Waller to help the squad in defeating Starro. As revenge, Waller placed Economos and Emilia Harcourt on Clemson Murn's team and put them in charge of bringing in Peacemaker on a mission to save the world by going from the threat of "Butterflies".

Eventually Economos would find out that Murn was a butterfly, promising to keep the secret. By recruiting Smith, Economos would begin to have a rivalry with him who would start making fun of his dyed beard, just as Economos would cause the arrest of Smith's father. During the attack on Royland Goff, Economos managed to stop Judomaster and take him with the team to guard it, when the team went on a massacre operation to investigate the butterflies, where Economos killed a gorilla saving the team and beginning to forge a friendship with Christopher Smith and the rest of the team. Economos later continued to research butterflies and helped Peacemaker stop the Aryan Empire during a manhunt. Having reunited with the team after the Butterfly invasion spread, the team turned their efforts to killing the cow. After completing the mission, Economos would be treated at Mount Rouge Health Center and returned to his previous job in Belle Reve shortly after.


Early life


"I saw them in Finland when I was 14, when I studied abroad. Got this right after."
―John Economos to Peacemaker[src]

John Economos was born in 1967.[3] During his childhood, John read the Berenstain Bears books, believing that they were spelled "Berenstein Bears".[4] Growing up, Economos traveled to Finland to study as he started to love listening to rock music, in 1981 at the age of 14, Economos attended a Hanoi Rocks concert and became a fan of them, even getting a tattoo in honor of their song 11th Street Kids shortly after.[3] At some point, John finished studying in Finland and returned to the United States of America, nonetheless he has never had a girlfriend in his entire life.

Working in A.R.G.U.S.

At some point in his life Economos became a member of A.R.G.U.S.. He became a member of the ground crew of Task Force X, and was tasked with helping coordinate missions and control dangerous criminals like Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, Savant, and more.[5]

The Corto Maltese mission

Recruiting Task Force X

"She's gonna kill his kid?"
―John Economos to Harcourt and Crawley[src]

Economos accompanies Waller to recruit Bloodsport.

John accompanied Amanda Waller along with Emilia Harcourt and Flo Crawley to recruit Bloodsport for Task Force X. John was scared because Waller threatened Bloodsport with his daughter. After this, John and the team finished recruiting the members by forming two teams to go to two different parts of the island of Corto Maltese. Three days later, the first strike team would be sent to the shores of Corto Maltese, so Economos, Emilia, Flo and other workers made bets on who survives and who dies.[5]

Battle on the Corto Maltese Beach

John Economos hands the bet money to Harcourt.

While they were betting, Waller would arrive to interrupt them by ordering them to get into position since the squad had reached the Corto Maltese beach. John and the team quickly positioned and they watched as the squad arrived, but the operation quickly hit a snag when Weasel started to drown. Rick Flag angrily asked whether anyone had bothered to check if Weasel could swim. In response Waller silently turned her eyes to John, which seemed to fill John with fear and anxiety, indicating that it had been his mistake that allowed the oversight to happen. As the minutes ticked by, team one was quickly killed and Economos became angry because he had a bet on Weasel. After the battle ended with Harley Quinn and Rick Flag as only survivors and the second strike team arriving at the island, Economos started to count the bills he had and handed the bet money to Crawley and Harcourt.[5]

Losing Communication

"Hey, all that stuff about his kid... you wouldn't really do that, right?"
"You don't know half of what I would do, John."
—John Economos and Amanda Waller[src]

Economos asks Amanda Waller about Bloodsport's daughter.

John scoffed when it was revealed that Bloodsport was afraid of rats and quickly revealed that he found the location of Colonel Rick Flag. Later, John and the others lost communication with team two and he was still concerned that Waller was threatening Bloodsport's daughter. Waller would then threaten DuBois not to receive surprises during the connection failure, since they could still activate the Nano-bombs and murder his daughter. Economos would then take the opportunity to ask Waller if the threats were serious, for which Waller replied that she was very capable.[5]

Helping Team Two

"Oh my God! What the fuck did you do!?"
"All those people, John... Little kids..."
—John Economos and Flo Crawley[src]

John Economos surprises after seeing Starro.

John and the team watched Starro break free at Corto Maltese surprising him thinking it was a kaiju, however Waller didn't want to do anything about it due her sole objective was to destroy the records linking the United States to Project Starfish, Bloodsport would decide to disobey Waller by going to fight against Starro, so that then the rest of the members would follow in his footsteps, so Waller would explode their nano-bombs, however on an impulse from Flo Crawley, she would knock out Waller, initially Economos was surprised by Crawley's actions, Crawley would stress to him the importance of saving the people of Corto Maltese.

John Economos helps Task Force X to confront Starro.

Instantly after Economos and the entire team betrayed Waller, they helped team two to deal with the threat. Economos would then analyze the streets in his system and tell the squad that the best alternative to fight Starro was Calle Aguero. The squad then managed to assassinate Starro, a few hours later when Amanda Waller woke up from the blow, Economos and the rest of his teammates felt uncomfortable disobeying Waller.[5]

Project Butterfly

Recruiting Peacemaker

"You realize this is revenge, right? Waller knows we double crossed her and she's getting back at us by saddling us with this Douchebag."
―John Economos and Emilia Harcourt[src]

Economos is upset to work with Christopher Smith.

Later after the battle against Starro, John and Emilia Harcourt went to the Mount Rouge Health Center on Waller's vengeful orders to recruit Peacemaker on a mission to save the world, although John was upset about working with him. Upon arrival the hospital, they were treated by Dr. Alandy who took them to see Smith's stretcher, and they reviewed his condition while being in a coma.[6] Soon after, Economos dyed his beard to try to win over girls and look younger.[7]

Economos and a team having a meeting at Fennel Fields.

After Peacemaker was discharged from the hospital, Economos and the rest of the team lead by Clemson Murn went to see him on his trailer to recruit him for their next mission, not long after meeting face to face, Smith already had a nickname for Economos, calling him Dye-Beard. Economos and the rest of the team met with Peacemaker at Fennel Fields where they discussed one of their targets. Economos also briefly made fun of Peacemaker for naming his pet Eagly.[8] After Smith was involved on an incident at the Wild Estates Apartment Complex, he was ordered by Murn to framed someone else for the crime as they didn't want the Evergreen Police Department on their back, in a moment of panic, Economos framed Peacemaker's father August Smith by swapping their fingerprints.[1]

Capture of Judomaster

"Economos, motherfucker. Yeah. Kiai!"
―John Economos to Judomaster[src]

Economos after beating Judomaster with a crowbar.

Economos and the team went after their target, senator Royland Goff who was the host of a butterfly. Economos, Adebayo and Murn stayed at their truck moninu turn their surroundings while Harcourt and Peacemaker went after Goff. The team was soon joined by Vigilante before him, Peacemaker and Emilia were attacked by Goff's bodyguard, Judomaster. Murn and Adebayo went to help them, with Murn telling John that he had to watch the front gate and not let anyone leave as it could compromise their operation. While the rest of the team tried to rescue Peacemaker and Vigilante after they were captured by Goff, Economos watched Judomaster try to leave the scenery, which made him really desperate. John then used the truck to crash into Judomaster's car in order to knock him out, unfortunately, Judomaster was still alive and crawling from the wreckage which forced Economos to hit him with a crowbar multiple times until he was finally knocked out.[4]

Economos tells the team that Judomaster escaped.

John and the group returned to their headquarters at Henenlotter Video for him to keep Judomaster tied up and prevent him from escaping, so they could extract information from him later. Economos talked to Leota Adebayo about Judomaster and explained that they couldn't take him to a hospital because he would tell everything because they only had secret operations. Some time later, Economos checked on Judomaster again, but realized that he escaped, while he called Adebayo to inform her of the escape, John was attacked by Judomaster. Wounded, Economos was found by Adebayo and Peacemaker, whom he told that Judomaster had gone out the window. Following Judomaster's second defeat, Economos took the villain to chain him up again and keep him alive.[9]

Glan Tai Bottling Plant massacre

At some point, Economos found out about Murn's real identity as a butterfly but choose to ignore it as he didn't wanted to get into trouble with Amanda Waller for keeping the secret.[10] Economos spent an entire evening creating a presentation on the Butterflies that was used the next day by Murn. During the presentation, the team learned about the location of the amber liquid the Butterflies ate, the Glan Tai Bottling Company, which they had to investigate to find out about the food.

Economos kills Charlie to save Peacemaker.

Economos was made fun of by Smith for the presentation, John tried to apologize to Smith for having his father sent to the correctional facility, leading to Economos and Smith arguing. During the trip to Glan Tai, Economos and Peacemaker found in common that they both liked Hanoi Rocks. Economos was put in charge of guarding the bottling plant, but seeing an explosion at the site, he finally got up the courage and took Vigilante's chainsaw to kill a gorilla, Charlie, and save Peacemaker, earning his respect, and the two finally they became friends.

Economos and his friends have fun.

On the return trip, Economos and the team began to sing while having fun for the first time. After reaching the base, the team continued to celebrate and took a break. Economos went home to rest and learned that Harcourt put him in a new group called the 11th Street Kids and Economos was happy to see the picture of him having fun with his new friends.[3] Economos was in charge of searching the location of the Coverdale Ranch to find the Cow that feeds the Butterflies and put an end to the invasion.[10]

Manhunt of Peacemaker

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Battle at Coverdale Ranch

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Back to normal

Returning to Belle Reve

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"He thought it would made him more younger, more handsome. He never had a girlfriend, so he thought dying his beard would help, but he was also lazy and busy with his job, and wouldn't dye his roots regularly. And when he did, he used the cheapest brand because he was incredibly underpaid. Mostly though, he never thought anybody would notice, until recently, when one guy started to tell all the time."
―John Economos about himself[src]

John Economos is a very insecure person with the decisions that some of his superiors make, mainly Amanda Waller since Economos was very afraid when she threatened Bloodsport with murdering his daughter. Disobeying Waller to help Task Force X confront Starro shows that Economos prefers the safety of the citizens of Corto Maltese over American reputations, in contrast to Waller's extremism. After disobeying Waller, John would feel very uncomfortable for questioning her. Similarly, Economos did not feel comfortable working with Christopher Smith for new missions. His insecurities also extend to his appearance: as he grew older, Economos began to dye his beard to look younger, so that he could attract a love interest. For a time, he felt comfortable with his new appearance until his beard was called out by Smith. He also loathed his job due to his below-average salary.

At the start of Project Butterfly Economos strongly disliked Peacemaker for his constant bullying and did not get along with the rest of his team members besides Harcourt. Peacemaker and Economos would constantly bicker over Economos sending Auggie Smith to prison. Over time, and after Economos saved the day multiple times, he becomes more assertive and open to the rest of the team. Following the mission at the Glenn Tai Bottling Company, and after bonding over their shared taste in music, Economos and Smith learned to put their differences aside and became friends. Though Economos was frequently disturbed by comments made by Vigilante, and clearly uncomfortable with some of the things that he did, he showed himself to be loyal to him and the two eventually became friends too.


"John Economos, who you may also know, is tech and tactics."
Clemson Murn to Peacemaker[src]

Economos hacking a computer system.

  • Expert computer scientist: Economos is a genius in technology and computing, having advanced knowledge to hack and manipulate any network or security system, Economos was enlisted in A.R.G.U.S. to help track members of Task Force X through computers. During the Mission in Corto Maltese, Economos was able to locate Rick Flag after having been rescued by Sol Soria, later having betrayed Waller's judgment, he contacted Task Force X to guide them by giving them the best routes to defeat Starro, quickly spotting Calle Aguero as the best path with his knowledge. After being sent to participate in the Project Butterfly, Economos was put back on the team, ever since working for Clemson Murn as the computer technician, Economos at the same time was also in charge on multiple occasions, of monitoring the security cameras through a computer network. Shortly after Peacemaker joined the mission, Economos was in charge of changing government records of Peacemaker's fingerprints and car registration to frame Auggie Smith, later he easily identified Vigilante via facial recognition software, Chase's information allowed him to perform a hack that removes Adrian's criminal acts in order to get him out of prison. John later used his computer skills to locate the Coverdale Ranch by circumventing the security cameras of the Glan Tai Bottling Company plant which showed a truck making deliveries to the location. Returning to Belle Reve, John continued his computer jobs at A.R.G.U.S. bringing his computer to work the first day.
"Why not John?"
"He's gotta keep Judomaster alive.
Clemson Murn[src]
  • Expert medic: Economos is a skilled medic, being able to easily stitch wounds and heal Judomaster after his shooting by Leota Adebayo.
  • Skilled Marksman: Economos was easily able to mow down multiple members of the Aryan Empire with a submachine gun, without hitting Vigilante once.
  • Expert spy: Economos was able to impersonate the butterfly infected Officer and sneakily placed the Peacemaker Sonic Boom helmet in the Coverdale Ranch.


  • Pistol: Economos carried a pistol when he, Harcourt, Leota and Murn ambushed Peacemaker at his trailer to recruit him for the mission against the Butterflies.
  • Crowbar: Economos used a crowbar to knock out Judomaster unconscious after being heavily injured from crash.
  • Chainsaw: Economos later took a chainsaw in the van to execute the gorilla for good.
  • FN P90: Economos used the P90 submachine gun to shoot and kill all the Aryan Empire's members to save Peacemaker and Vigilante.





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