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Jesse Kane's crew were a group of pirates consisting of mercenaries and ex-soldiers that were led by the Kane family, specifically David Kane, who later took on the moniker Black Manta in honor of his grandfather.

During the 21st century, they were led by Jesse Kane and his son David Kane, until they encountered Aquaman.


Post World War II

After World War II ended, the United States Government decided to forget what Manta and his fellow "frogmen" had done during the war; and thus, he returned to the sea and survived by scavenging and using his wits.[1][2]

Attack on the Stalnoivolk

In 2018, Jesse Kane, David Kane, and their band of pirates hijacked a Russian submarine, but they were defeated by Aquaman. After the sailors were evacuated, a drowning Jesse used an explosive to sink the submarine, killing himself in the process, while David escaped. Afterwards, David was left the sole survivor of the group.[1]



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