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"You need to live, so you can kill that son of a bitch!"
―Jesse Kane[src]

Jesse Kane was the father of David Kane and leader of a group of ocean hijackers. During an attempt to hijack a submarine, he and his group were defeated by Aquaman, and was left to die by the hero, causing David to vow revenge against Aquaman for the death of his father.


Attack on the Stalnoivolk[]

Jesse presents the knife to David

Jesse presents his father's knife to his son

As the leader of a group of high-tech pirates, Kane successfully hijacked a submarine, alongside his son. As they were celebrating their apparent victory, Jesse presented his son, David, with a special knife; initially, David viewed it as a piece of junk, until Jesse told him it belonged to his father, who fought in World War II as one of the Navy's first "frogmen" (scuba divers who went into battle underneath the waves) and was code-named "Manta" for his stealthiness. However, Jesse's father had come home to an America that forgot his heroism as soon as the war was over, causing him to ultimately turn to piracy to support himself, whereupon he became the first "Black Manta". This story causes David to accept his grandfather's knife. It could also be assumed that Jesse's father raised and educated his son in piracy similar to the relationship Jesse had with David.

Suddenly, Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman, invaded the submarine to stop the pirates. All the pirates, including Jesse's son David, were defeated by Aquaman. When he noticed that his son was losing a fight against Aquaman, Jesse shot a rocket at the Atlantean, but Aquaman was able to withstand it. Kane attempted to shoot him a second time, but before he could, Aquaman tore off a piece of piping and hurled it at him like a spear. The force threw Kane backwards off his feet and into a wall, impaling him through his right shoulder. Aquaman chided Kane for the evil example he was setting for David, pulled out the piping and went to a hatch ladder to leave. An enraged Kane again tried to shoot Aquaman, but Aquaman dodged, and the grenade hit the hull, breaching it to the sea. The force of the water pouring through the rent in the hull caused a torpedo to topple onto Kane's legs, trapping him painfully as the sub filled with water and began to sink.[1]


David scrambled over to his father. Seeing that he could not move the torpedo, he desperately pleaded with Aquaman for help. Aquaman told them to ask the sea for mercy for their killing of innocent people, climbed up the ladder and left. As the room flooded with water, David was forced to flee, urged to do so by his father, who entreated him to live to kill Aquaman. David attempted to do what he could to help his father, who demanded he abandon ship now. To prove his point, Jesse armed a grenade and made it clear that David was going to die with him if he did not get out of the vessel this instant. As David scrambled up a ladder, Jesse was last seen holding the grenade. While it was evident his last hour had come, it was unknown if Jesse ultimately died by suicide or he perished by drowning.[1]


This section requires expansion
  • Expert tactician: To be added
  • Leadership: Jeese Kane leads his own crew, along with his son on different missions.
  • Expert pirate: To be added
  • Expert marksman: Jesse Kane is an expert marksman as he managed to hit Aquaman with a single shot of a grenade launcher and presuming him dead.
  • Explosives expertise: Jesse is an expert with handling explosives.


  • Protective suit: Jesse Kane uses a protective suit when on missions.
  • Colt Model 933 carbine: Jesse used this as his primary weapon during his submarine invasion, also using it in attacking Aquaman, though to no avail. The assault rifle had a M203 grenade launcher attachment to it.
  • Hand-held explosive: Jesse used a hand held explosive activated by a dead man's switch to get his son away and to destroy the submarine, along with himself.
  • Manta Knife: He got this knife from his father, and then gave it to his son. As it was able to harm Aquaman, it is probably wasn't forged by humans.




Behind the Scenes[]

  • Cory Beeston was a stunt double for Michael Beach in the role of Jesse Kane.
  • Michael Beach previously voiced "Devil Ray" in Justice League Unlimited, a character originally intended to be Black Manta, but altered due to copyright issues.


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