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For the song, see Javelin (Move Your Body).

"I love your accent."
"American women all love accents."
Harley Quinn and Javelin[src]

Gunter Braun,[1] also known as Javelin, was a former German Olympic athlete turned criminal who uses weaponized javelins when committing crimes. He was incarcerated and became a member of the first Task Force X strike team sent on the deadly mission to Corto Maltese.[3][4] Before reaching the island, Braun became close to Harley Quinn and they reached the island, but Braun was killed by the soldiers and handed Quinn his javelin, deeming her the only other person he's met fit to carry it.


Early life

Olympic athlete and criminal life

Once a German Olympic athlete, Gunter Braun turned to criminal activity as "Javelin", using weaponized javelins to trap people, blow up walls and objects, or simply impale people who try to stop him. He was caught and incarcerated in Belle Reve, where he became a member of Task Force X and went on a mission to Corto Maltese to destroy the prison and laboratory known as Jotunheim, formerly used by the Nazi party, wiping out all traces of the dangerous Project Starfish in the process.[3]

Mision in Corto Maltese

Battle on the beach

"You... are the only one... fit to carry my javelin. Carry it for..."
―Javelin's last words to Harley Quinn[src]

On the way to Corto Maltese, Harley Quinn and Javelin flirt with each other, and Javelin talks to the other teammates. Upon entering Corto Maltese, the group is betrayed by Blackguard, causing the team to be compromised. Javelin is soon shot and mortally wounded. Before he dies, he gives Harley his javelin, telling her she is the best fit to carry it. However, he dies before he can tell her to wield it for him, and Harley is captured by the Corto Maltesian troops. Later, Harley uses his javelin to break out of General Suarez's imprisonment and eventually stab Starro in the eye.


Braun is charismatic, affable, and overtly suave, openly flirting with Harley Quinn on their way to a mission that would almost certainly kill them, due to this she also takes a great liking to him in return. He lives for the thrill to the point it doesn't matter to him how dangerous the situation he's in becomes, or what he has to do to get through it. He is also shown to be honorable, warmly asking Harley to take his javelin, believing she earned it.


  • Peak human condition: Javelin is a former Olympic athlete.
    • Peak human strength: As a former Olympic athlete specializing in javelin-throwing, Javelin has phenomenal upper-body strength and is able to throw objects (mainly javelins) notably long distances.
  • Skilled combatant: Javelin is skilled in hand-to-hand combat to an unknown degree.
  • Expert marksman: As a former Olympic athlete specializing in javelin-throwing, Javelin is incredibly skilled in throwing javelins, and is able to uses them to impale his enemies from long distances.


  • Javelin suit: Javelin wears a special suit to protect his identity while committing crimes, while still allowing him enough flexibility for him to effectively throw his javelins.
  • Weaponized javelins: Javelin, per the name, uses weaponized javelins to kill people and assist him in his crimes.




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