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Javelin (real name unknown) is a former German Olympic athlete turned criminal who uses weaponized javelins when committing crimes. He was incarcerated and became a member of the first Task Force X strike team sent on the deadly mission to Corto Maltese.[2][3]


Once a German Olympic athlete, Javelin turned to crime, using weaponized javelins to trap people, blow up walls or objects, or simply impale people who try to stop him. He was caught and incarcerated in Belle Reve, where he became a member of Task Force X and went on a mission to Corto Maltese to destroy the prison and laboratory known as Jotunheim, formerly used by the Nazi party, as well as assassinate Maltese dictator Silvio Luna.[4]


Javelin seems cocky and overconfident in himself, and possibly a bit sadistic.


  • Exceptional upper-body strength: As a former Olympic athlete specializing in javelin-throwing, Javelin has phenomenal upper-body strength to throw things long distances.
  • Javelin-throwing: Javelin is incredibly skilled throwing javelins, and uses them to impale his enemies from long distances.


  • Javelin suit: Javelin wears a special suit to protect his identity while committing crimes, while still allowing enough flexibility for him to effectively throw his javelins.
  • Weaponized javelins: Javelin, per the name, uses weaponized javelins to kill people and assist him in his crimes.





  • In DC Comics, Javelin is a German Olympic athlete, who later decided to use his javelin-throwing abilities for evil. He then became a super-criminal and mercenary who has been an enemy to Green Lantern and a member of the Suicide Squad.

Behind the scenes

  • Eddie Davenport was a stunt double for Flula Borg in the role of Javelin.
  • Javelin in the DC Extended Universe is the second live-action incarnation of the character, following the Arrowverse incarnation portrayed by Yanik Ethier.
    • The Arrowverse incarnation was named Malcolm Byrd, but was only called his codename "Javelin" in the credits of the Arrow episode he appeared in.
    • Borg's version of the character is the first to be German, as in the comics. Ethier's Arrowverse portrayal was instead French.
  • Javelin has never been named in the comics, and it is not yet clear whether The Suicide Squad will take his Arrowverse name or not.


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