"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
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Japan, officially the State of Japan, is an island country located in East Asia. Its de-facto capital is Tokyo.


20th century

Japan fought as a member of the Axis Powers during World War II. In 1941, the Japanese attacked the port of Pearl Harbor, in the Hawaii. Japan was later defeated alongside the other Axis Powers in 1945.[1]

In 1984, Max Lord delivered a message to the world saying that he is going to change their lives which included the people of Tokyo.[2]

21st century

in 2013, Japan was one of the many nations contacted by General Dru-Zod, who broadcasted a message worldwide to force Kal-El to surrender himself to the Sword of Rao.[3]

In 2016, Katana battled against some Yakuza members in Tokyo and killed at least one of them. She then traveled to America to act as an enforcer for Task Force X.[4]

Attack on the surface world

In 2018, Japan was one of the many nations whose beaches were with littered with marine waste reversed by Orm Marius and the Atlanteans.[5]

Known residents

Former residents


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