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"The Janus Corporation is his father's company, thank you. And by the way, they cut him off."
Renee Montoya[src]

The Janus Corporation is a company operating out of Gotham City, New Jersey. It was run by certain family members of Roman Sionis, such as his father.


Firing Roman Sionis[]

The Janus Corporation was run as a business property from the renowned Sionis family, whose son, Roman Sionis, was fired and disinherited due to his excessive spending and lack of business sense. This led to Sionis breaking away from his family and forming his own criminal empire.[1]

Operating in Gotham City[]

By 2017, one of Janus Corporation's buildings was visible in Gotham City.[2] By 2020, The company was associated with the Ace Chemicals chemical processing plant, whose security gates had its name inscribed on them. Numerous ads of the company were also seen in Gotham City.[1]


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