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Italy is a peninsula based country located in southern Europe along the Mediterranean Ocean. Italy is also the ancestral homeland of the Ancient Romans and the birthplace of the Roman Empire.


Ancient Times[]

Italy once formed part of the Roman Empire, which was one of the largest civilizations in human history.

World War I[]

Italy was one of the many nations that participated in World War I.[1]

World War II[]

Italy was one of the many nations that participated in World War II and was one of the Axis Powers. Near the end of the war, during or prior to 1944, the Nazi forces stationed in Italy found a mysterious object within an Italian monastery. They had the cargo sent to Hitler, but it was intercepted on its route by the Allied Forces.[2] Eventually, Italy was defeated alongside the other Axis Powers at the end of the war.

Bertinelli Massacre[]

After having survived the Bertinelli Massacre, Helena Bertinelli was smuggled from Gotham City to Italy. During her exile there she trained with plans to return and avenge the death of her family.[3]

Attack on Sicily[]

In 2018, during Aquaman and Mera's journey to find Atlan's Trident, they visited Sicily to follow up a clue as to its location. Whilst there, they were ambushed by Black Manta and Orm Marius's elite guards.[4]

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