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Isabella was a soldier who served for the Corto Maltese Armed Forces, overseeing the Jotunheim base. She would be killed by Starro like the rest of the soldiers after his liberation.


Confronting Task Force X

Isabella was working at the entrance to Jotunheim supervising the people who entered along with other soldiers. She would see how the scientist Gaius Grieves arrived in a van accompanied by Task Force X. When Task Force X began to attack the soldiers at the door, Isabella and the other soldiers would try to stop them, but they would enter the base breaking the codes of income. Isabella would then call a battering ram to try to break the door.[1]

Controlled by Starro

When the Jotunheim bases exploded because of Task Force X, they would free Starro, who would begin to control the minds of the soldiers using spores, including Isabella, killing her. Isabella's body, like the rest of the soldiers, would be used to attack Task Force X, when Starro was defeated, the bodies fell on the ground.[1]




Behind the scenes

  • Isabella is not named during The Suicide Squad, with only her name appearing in the film's credits.


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