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Iran is a large country on Earth, located in the Middle East.


20th century

Cold War

In 1984, due to the recreation of the ancient kingdom of Bialya, the Soviets sided with Iran during Chaos of the Wishes, while America supported the sovereignty of Egypt.[1]

21st century

A Daily Planet newspaper featured an article regarding economical and financial business between Western countries and Iran, particularly mentioning the Tehran's nuclear programme.[2][3]

Creation of Task Force X

During a meeting in the Pentagon, Amanda Waller had attempted to convince a military committee to allow her to form Task Force X and did so by demonstrating the power of a Metahuman. She did this by having Doctor June Moone transform into the Enchantress who used her powers of teleportation to warp to a nuclear vault in Tehran and teleport back with documents containing Iran's nuclear arsenal.[4]



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