The Invisible Jet was a F-111 Aardvark kept in a storage hangar in the Roth Smithsonian Archives in Washington, D.C. until Steve Trevor and Diana Prince decided they needed to steal it to prevent a global catastrophe.


July 4, 1984

When Steve and Diana needed to get to Egypt, but Steve didn't have a U.S. passport, Diana realized stealing the jet was their only option and relented to Steve's crazy idea. Military trucks quickly arrived to defend the jet as its engines roared to life, but the pair managed to take off without incident and they successfully flew to Egypt.[1]


  • Wonder Woman 1984: The Junior Novel describes the jet as inky black and almost invisible in the night's sky - a reference to Wonder Woman's well-known invisible jet. In the film, however, Wonder Woman uses a technique she taught herself based on Zeus' obscuration of Themyscira, and shrouds the jet in invisibility, creating the invisible jet.
  • A Hot Wheels replica of the jet was released as Wonder Woman Jet.


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