IST Interface

The Intergalactic Simulative Translator is an interface developed by DARPA to decipher and translate Kryptonian data.[1]


Intercepting Kryptonian Signals

Months before the Battle of Metropolis, NASA intercepted a series of intergalactic radio bursts. Debates were formed over their origins, questioning if they were from a supernova, a black hole, or some new astrophysical anomaly. After Scout Ship 0344 escaped from the research site on Ellesmere Island, the ship is reported to have begun sending its own signals into space, leading to a scramble to decode the signals.

When the Black Zero frigate appeared in Earth's orbit, signals between the ships began pinging between each other on an unknown frequency. The U.S. military picked up the signals and proceeded to convert and decode them, revealing a Kryptonian data archive for the destroyed planet. Following this discovery, DARPA developed the IST to decipher Kryptonian data in order to make it compatible and easier to understand.

After months of gathering information, historians believe it's possible to deconstruct and explore the cosmology, technology, people, and culture of Krypton.


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