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India is a large country on Earth, located in southern Asia.


Dreamstone's Influences[]

In 1900 B.C., due to the Dreamstone, the Indus Valley slowly dried up, causing its residents to vacate the valley.[1]

Kryptonian Attack[]

After humanity's first contact with extraterrestrials, India, like all other countries had messages sent to its populace by General Dru-Zod. Later, while attempting to terraform the planet, General Zod's World Engine landed on the Indian coast and began to transform Earth's atmosphere. It was, however, eventually destroyed by Superman.[2]

Later, from the Kryptonian wreckage, a large quantity of Kryptonite was found in the waters off the Indian coast. It was subsequently purchased by Lex Luthor and shipped to the United States in his ship the White Portuguese.[3]

War for Atlantis[]

After capturing the Stalnoivolk and using its against the Council of Kings, Black Manta met Orm Marius' soldiers on an Indian island. He was tasked with killing Aquaman by equipping him with the next-generation Atlantean technology that the pirate implemented to create his suit.[4]


Known residents[]


  • Mahatma Gandhi[5]



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