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"Yes, this is what must be done. To become the gods we were born to be."
―Incubus to Enchantress[src]

Incubus was an inter-dimensional mystical being and the brother of the Enchantress. He was also one of the first great enemies of Task Force X.

When released by his sister, he aids her attempt to take over Earth with their combined mystical powers. Only the combined efforts of Task Force X (most notably El Diablo) are able to stop and destroy Incubus and his sister forever.


Early life

Incubus entered this world in 4,357 BCE, more than a millennia prior to the War of the Gods from another dimension. Due to their incredible power, Incubus and his sister Enchantress would be worshiped as gods by ancient humans of Pre-Columbian Latin America (with Incubus becoming known as "Kinich Ahau", the Sun God and supreme pagan god of the Maya civilization), but would ultimately be betrayed by their Inca subjects and be somehow defeated and sealed away into containers, which, in turn, were placed inside a tomb of Tres Osos Caves for thousands of years.[2]


Incubus possessing Gerard Davis.

His sister Enchantress, having possessed the body of June Moone, goes to Amanda Waller's room to get her heart back but is stopped when the case Waller has her heart in can sense her power so she flees to a different room. Where Incubus' spirit is contained in a vial. She goes back to Midway City and incapacitates a man, Gerard Davis in the subway for Incubus to use as a host once she releases him. She tells him to wait and build up his powers.

Incubus wanders the subway and eventually collapses, drawing the attention of bystanders. As some of the bystanders attempt to help, Incubus quickly attacks and absorbs them in order to restore his true form before he begins to lay waste to the subway station.

The US military and Midway City police arrive to subdue him, but he easily disposes of the infantry and policemen sent down against him in the subway. Just then, Enchantress appears, heavily wounded due to the damage sustained to her heart by Amanda Waller. Incubus shares his power, healing her. As Enchantress begins to put the next steps of her plan into motion, Incubus moves outside and crushes any further attempts by the military to stop their plan, destroying everything that they send against him, and contributing the remains of destroyed buildings and military equipment to Enchantress' weapon. Powerless against Incubus, the military is forced to evacuate Midway.[2]

Final battle and destruction

Incubus then stood alongside Enchantress when she was growing her army but the Suicide Squad later showed up to stop them; Incubus was then sent to dispose of them. Just as he is about to attack Captain Boomerang, Katana intercepted his attack, using her mystical Soultaker sword to slice his left hand clean off. Incubus quickly regrew the hand and focused his attack on Katana, who dodged his next strike. El Diablo, himself being a powerful metahuman, volunteered to battle Incubus and, after a brutal fight involving Deadshot, Harley, and Captain Boomerang taking turns to fight Incubus off, El Diablo embraced the fullness of his powers, causing him to become a skeletal fire demon creature powerful enough to even harm him .

Incubus battles El Diablo.

El Diablo used his powerful form to distract and hurt Incubus while Lt. "GQ" Edwards and the remains of his SEAL team plants a specialized bomb underneath both Incubus and El Diablo. Just as El Diablo succeeds in pushing Incubus directly above where the bomb is planted and melts his chest armour he weakens and is about to be overpowered, when the bomb is detonated. Edwards and El Diablo are killed by the explosion and Incubus is blown to pieces causing Enchantress to be weakened and left alone to fight the rest of Task Force X on her own.[2] Shortly afterwards, Katana located the still-beating heart of Incubus. Using the mystical properties of her Soultaker sword, Katana struck the heart and put an end to the being's prolonged existence.[1]


"The humans no longer worship us as they once did. They even believe we are not gods. Sister, they have to pay for their affronts."
―Incubus to Enchantress[src]

Incubus is quite reticent and a being of few words. He possessed a God-complex, having been worshiped as a deity over the years in various places. Because of this, he is understandably very eager to conquer the modern world with his mystical powers, once he possesses Gerald Davis and his sister sets him free. Incubus presumably shared his sister's confidence in their ability to renew humankind for the better and this coupled with his powers made him impossible to intimidate. They also gave Incubus pride in his status as one of the oldest living metahumans and makes him believe metahumans are ready to rise up and end the oppression they had endured.

Incubus deeply loves his sister Enchantress; they are about as close as two siblings can be and shared their ambition to revolutionize society. Although she tended to be the ringleader in their revolution, they still did just about everything together, with her helping him adjust to the 'new world' and him going out of his way to save Enchantress with his mystical tentacle when she is almost killed by Amanda Waller, with her evidently expecting him to do so meaning she already trusts him with her life. Although he was very similar to his sister, he notably showed less restraint when it comes to violence, even if most (not all) of his victims were armed forces who had cast the first stone, and he appeared to be less intelligent and complex than she was and so he usually follows her lead.

Despite coming across to his enemies as being arrogant and genuinely selfish, Incubus, like his sister, has ultimately always had good intentions, as both of them genuinely believed that their actions were what was best for humanity as a whole, and for the sake of recreating civilization for them after destroying the one they had replaced their own with, to in their eyes cleanse an egregiously corrupt world.

Powers and abilities


"That's the best you have? You are trying to fight a god, but there is no way you can survive, let alone be victorious."
―Incubus to El Diablo[src]
  • Homo magi physiology: Incubus is an inter-dimensional mystical being, with him and his sister Enchantress having been worshiped in the past as gods, and Amanda Waller claiming that Incubus and his sister are the most powerful beings that she has ever come across, with him nearly overpowering the combined might of the Suicide Squad single-handedly even after El Diablo went all-out against Incubus with his pyrokinesis, in the form of a huge flaming avatar. Despite having been worshiped as a god by the ancient Pre-Columbian Maya and Incas, however (known as "Kinich Ahau" to the Maya), Incubus is notably not quite as powerful as an actual Old God.
    • Superhuman strength: Incubus, due to his gigantic stature, has incredible superhuman strength, though not quite on the same level as that of Superman. Hence, he effortlessly sent Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang flying with light blows, overpowered the flaming avatar El Diablo, and would have single-handedly overpowered the entire Suicide Squad with his sheer strength, had Incubus not been killed in time.
    • Superhuman durability: Incubus is incredibly durable, as he is seemingly invulnerable to blunt force trauma (easily withstanding the hurled weapons of Captain Boomerang, numerous bullets from Deadshot, and all-out fire offensive from the flaming avatar El Diablo, and was not moved even by an incoming train, instead continuing the stand there as the train went by, with the train getting sliced apart in the process). He can, however, be injured by magical or extremely hot items, such as Katana's sword Soultaker and the flaming avatar form of El Diablo (who was able to thrust his superheated hand right through Incubus' chest in this form), but his incredible healing factor compensates for this with extreme effectiveness. Incubus can, however, still be killed, as long as the attack is powerful enough to kill him instantly, which is how the Suicide Squad ultimately defeats him.
    • Regenerative healing factor: Incubus, in the rare instances when he is hurt, is shown to heal at superhuman speeds, such as when Katana slices off his right hand with Soultaker, he re-grows a new identical one in its place almost instantly, and when El Diablo's flaming avatar form thrust his superheated arm through Incubus' chest, it healed around the arm almost at once, allowing Incubus to gain the upper hand.
    • Longevity: Incubus, much like an Old God, is capable of living for millennia, being roughly 6,300 years old (thus being born roughly a millennia prior to the War of the Gods) by the time he was finally killed by El Diablo and Lieutenant "GQ" Edwards.

Incubus generating a gigantic mystical tendril

    • Mystical tendrils: Incubus can generate gigantic mystical tendrils from his body, using them as additional superpowered limbs, notably using one tendril to pull down Amanda Waller's helicopter from the sky, thus managing to capture her.
      • Monstrous enslavement: Incubus, much like Enchantress is able to transform humans into grey monstrous beings through his power, by piercing their bodies with his huge mystical tendrils.
      • Mystical empowering: Incubus was able to use his mystical tendrils to save his sister Enchantress when Amanda Waller pierced the latter's heart, making Enchantress impossible to be killed in that manner after Incubus' tendril touches her, seemingly also making Enchantress more powerful. However, this empowerment seemingly wears off after Incubus' death, with Enchantress dying after Rick Flag destroys her heart.
    • Mystical fusion: Incubus was able to fuse his sister Enchantress's heart back into the body of her new host, June Moone.
    • Telekinesis: Incubus was able to levitate the Enchantress' heart, sending it flying back towards his sister with a gesture.
    • Transformation: Incubus, after getting hosted by the human Gerard Davis, was able to transform into his massive monstrous true form.


  • Bilingualism: Incubus speaks his native ancient language while addressing his sister Enchantress, and can also seemingly understand English.
  • Expert combatant: Incubus is a fierce and effective combatant (most likely having centuries of combat experience like his sister Enchantress). Hence, he effortlessly sent Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang flying with light blows and even managed to overpower the flaming avatar El Diablo, though that might have been primarily due to the latter's hand getting caught in Incubus' chest.





Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics universe, Incubus possessed Lawrence Eden and desired to bring about world domination with his sister. Incubus was eventually killed by Deadshot.
  • In medieval folklore the incubus (or incubi in plural), where male demons that harassed women in their sleep. They were also often associated with witches, which was likely inspired him to be the brother of Enchantress in the movie.


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