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"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
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"Ames, if this man kills me, I want you to kill him and I want you to clear my browser history."
―Hunter Griggs[src]

Captain[1] Hunter Samuel Griggs is a senior security officer of Belle Reve and one of Amanda Waller's most trusted henchmen. He is known to ruthlessly abuse the prisoners of Belle Reve. Eventually, however, he is kidnapped, tortured, and forced to work with the Joker.


Early life

Hunter Griggs was native of the South of the United States of America, as he was described as a redneck.[1] He was a senior security man at Belle Reve, where the candidates for Amanda Waller's intended Task Force X are held captive.[2]

Under the Joker's thumb

"You're so screwed."
―Harley Quinn[src]

While Task Force X goes on to stop Enchantress and her plan, the Joker found out Harley Quinn's location. So, he took up Griggs himself, one of Amanda Waller's henchmen and a security officer of Belle Reve prison, the clown then tortures him harshly which leads him into the facility where the nano bombs are made. After being dismissed by the Joker, Griggs is then in charge of handing a cellphone to Harley Quinn which can connect her to the Joker. Harley tells him, "You're so screwed", causing him to worry. He never finds out what she means, however, as he is quickly escorted away by the guards.[2]


Captain Griggs is exceptionally cruel and sadistic, seemingly taking pleasure from tormenting his Belle Reve prisoners in various ways - notably feeding Deadshot with bread containing fingernails and rat feces, having Deadshot brutally pinned down and beaten after threatening him, as well as electrocuting and force-feeding Harley Quinn when she refused to comply. He is also possibly racist, as he was talking down to El Diablo and told him to "put his burrito down".

However, he has a selfish fear for his own life, evidenced by Griggs' fear when Deadshot points a gun at him, and Griggs' terror after the Joker kidnaps and confronts him, which leads to Griggs relatively quickly breaking under Joker's torture, and agreeing to work for him as an undercover mole in Belle Reve.

He appears to watch pornography on his computer at work, given he told his fellow officers to erase his browser history, if Deadshot were to kill him.




Behind the scenes


Suicide Squad


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