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"A good death is its own reward." ―Faora-Ul, Man of Steel
"A good death is its own reward." ―Faora-Ul, Man of Steel
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Homo Magi are a subspecies of humanity that have the ability to manipulate magic to varied degrees.


Very little is known about this supernatural human subspecies, however Amanda Waller once described Enchantress as a sorceress from another dimension, indicating that the source of the Homo Magi's powers may be in other, unearthly dimensions.

Enchantress and Incubus

In 4,358 B.C., the Enchantress and the her brother Incubus arrived on Earth from their own dimension. Due to their great magical power, they were worshipped by ancient Pre-Columbian civilizations as gods. However, their subjects eventually turned on them and sealed their spirits in the Tres Osos Caves in the lands that would eventually become Peru.

The Council of Wizards

The Council of Wizards was the name given to a group of ancient wizard siblings who defended the Earth from the Seven Deadly Sins with their magical abilities. They also chose candidates to share their powers with and help fulfill their legacy. The first candidate was Teth-Adam, who was chosen due to his courageous heart. However, Teth-Adam had unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins on Kahndaq after his family was murdered, killing millions and resulting in the destruction of several ancient civilizations. The Council of Wizards were also slain by the Sins with the exception of Shazam. Due to his act, Shazam plagued him with the name Black Adam and confined to the bottom of the Earth. It was this tragedy that Shazam would vow to only chose a champion pure of heart.

By 1974, Shazam had grown weak from aging. He chose Thaddeus Sivana as a potential successor but rejected him after Sivana was easily tempted for power by the Sins.

"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
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Homo Magi differ greatly from each other in appearance - while some appear perfectly human, some have a distinct inhuman appearance. Their exact powers/traits are similarly varied. Their greatest ability is their affinity for using magic, which they can harness naturally.

  • Magic: Homo Magi possess the natural ability to channel magic.
  • Superhuman Durability: Homo Magi are much more durable than ordinary humans, being tough enough to endure gunfire, magical attacks, and attacks from metahumans.
  • Longevity: Homo Magi are capable for living for extended periods of time, even thousands of years.

Known Homo Magi


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