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"Be careful in the world of men, Diana. They do not deserve you. You have been my greatest love. Today, you are my greatest sorrow."
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Hippolyta is the Queen of the Amazons, a former lover of Zeus and mother to Diana Prince.



Shortly after Zeus supposedly created humanity, his malevolent son, Ares, attempted to corrupt them, fueling humanity with rage, hate, and bloodlust. As a result, Zeus created the Amazons as a way to help guide humanity and spread love.[1]

First invasion of Earth

At some point, before Diana was born, Hippolyta and her fellow Amazons allied themselves with the Olympian Gods, Mankind, the Atlanteans and a Green Lantern ally to fight Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons and Priests, who had come to conquer and terraform the Earth into a planet similar to Apokolips, under the command of Darkseid. The war was eventually won by the alliance and Steppenwolf's army retreated, leaving the three Mother Boxes behind. The boxes were left under the control of Mankind, the Amazons and the Atlanteans.[citation needed]

Amazons surrounding a Mother Box

Hippolyta storing one of the Mother Boxes at Themyscira

Escaping slavery and bearing a child

Fight for Freedom

Hippolyta leading the Amazon revolt against humanity

Sometime after Steppenwolf's attempted invasion, Ares induced war among humanity again, which lead to them warring with and enslaving the Amazons. Hippolyta and her sister Antiope, however, fought back against Ares and their captors, and succeeded in freeing their people.

Meanwhile, Ares also rebelled against the other Olympian Gods for not sharing his bloodlust and anti-human sentiment, starting the devastating War of the Gods. Through his rage, he killed his divine family off one by one, until only Zeus remained. After defeating and banishing Ares from Olympus, Zeus conceived a demigod child with Hippolyta, a child capable of one day defeating and killing Ares (therefore known as the "Godkiller"), a daughter named Diana.

Using the last of his divine powers, Zeus created the paradise island of Themyscira as a safe haven for the Hippolyta and the newly freed Amazons, concealing it from Ares, ensuring that the Godkiller Diana would grow up safely.[1]

Raising Diana

Young Diana and Hippolyta

Hippolyta carrying Diana

As Diana grew up, Hippolyta intentionally deceived her - instead of revealing Diana's true demigod heritage, she claimed to have personally sculpted her daughter from clay, after which Zeus brought her to life. This was partially because Hippolyta didn't want her beloved daughter to face Ares, and partially because the sooner Diana learned the truth, the easier it would be for Ares to find her. As such, Hippolyta initially strictly forbade Diana to even learn Amazonian combat.[1]

Allowing Diana to train

Eventually, Hippolyta caught Antiope training Diana in the grounds. Furious, she sent Diana back to the palace and chastised her sister for disobeying her orders. Antiope argued that Diana had to be trained as it was her fate as not only an Amazon, but as the Godkiller and that Hippolyta could not protect Diana forever. Hippolyta relented, though told Antiope that she must train Diana harder than any Amazon so that she would not only match Antiope, but surpass her.[1]

German invasion

After many years and Diana eventually growing to adulthood, Hippolyta oversaw one of her daughter's training exercises. Diana fares well, but drops her guard with Antiope who overpowers her which caused Diana to accidentally triggered her latent powers and knocked out Antiope with a shock wave from her vambraces. Hippolyta showed regret at allowing Diana to train.

Wonder Woman (2017) Hippolyta after German invasion

Hippolyta after the German invasion

When Germans pursued Steve Trevor to Themyscira, Hippolyta personally took part in the battle, cutting down several soldiers with ease. However, by the end, she lost many of her people and Antiope. She came very close to killing Steve out of anger and grief, only talked down by the words of Diana. When Steve told the Amazons of the ongoing war she responded with horror, but told her people and Diana that they were forbidden to leave the island as they had no part in the wars of the outside world.[1]

Allowing Diana to leave

Hippolyta in Wonder Woman film

Hippolyta sees her daughter leave

Hippolyta met Diana on the shore of Themyscira after she took a suit of armor, the Godkiller sword, and a shield from the armory. Knowing she couldn't convince Diana to stay, Hippolyta gave her Antiope's tiara and told her to live up to its legacy. She told Diana to be careful in the world of men, saying Diana was her greatest love and her greatest sorrow.[1]

Second encounter with Steppenwolf

Hippolyta watching Steppenwolf arriving

Hippolyta watching Steppenwolf arriving

"The fire has not burned for 5,000 years. Men won't know what it means."
"Men won't. She will. Listen to me, Diana.
Menalippe and Hippolyta[src]

With the Earth left defenseless against the greater threats of the universe, Steppenwolf, the herald of Darkseid, traveled back to Earth through a boom tube connected to the Mother Box kept at the Penetralium. Hippolyta and her Amazons, upon receiving report of the Box's sudden activity, were present and awaiting the arrival of the Apokiliptian warrior.

Justice League (2017) Hippolyta warning

Hippolyta shoots the arrow as a message to her daughter

After a bloody battle, Hippolyta and the Amazons fails to prevent the Mother Box from being taken by Steppenwolf. Knowing of the incoming threat, the Queen of the Amazons proceeds to warn her daughter of the incoming danger by shooting an enchanted fiery arrow, traveling miles until it hits the Shrine of the Amazons. Diana heard the of the strange fire on the news and immediately understands the message, warning her of the incoming invasion.[2]


Hippolyta is an extremely capable and skilled leader, as well as an equally courageous warrior, evident in how she saved her fellow Amazons from human slavery as the War of the Gods broke out. However, Hippolyta's experiences have also made her very embittered against humanity (adamantly believing that the race was no longer worth saving) and very overprotective of her daughter Diana (much like how Jonathan Kent would later be of Clark), to the point of outright deceitfulness and strict rules against Diana even learning Amazonian combat. Hippolyta would ultimately, however, allow adult Diana to leave Themyscira with Steve Trevor, on a quest to save "Man's World" from Ares.

Powers and abilities


Amazonian physiology: Like all Amazons, Hippolyta possesses superhuman abilities, such as strength, durability, agility, stamina and longevity.

Hippolyta's Strength

Hippolyta catching a young Diana

  • Superhuman strength: Hippolyta has a superhumanly strong, which allowed him to quickly and easily defeat many German soldiers at once and kill hordes of Parademons during the First Invasion of Earth. A remarkable feat of strength was to catching a young Diana out of the air with a single arm as her daughter jumped down from one cliff-side walkway ledge to another, with no visible strain.
  • Superhuman durability: Hippolyta's body is more resistant to physical damage than the body of a human being.
  • Superhuman agility: Hippolyta naturally has greater agility, dexterity, balance and body coordination than a normal human being. She jump on horseback and cut off the German soldiers before they could react properly, as well as dodge and react very quickly to their attacks.
  • Superhuman stamina: Hippolyta's musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than that of humans. With this, she does not need to slow down or catch her breath during the battle against the invading Germans during the First World War.
  • Longevity: Like all Amazons, Hippolyta can not grow old or be affected by disease, with her having been born before the War of the Gods or the creation of Themyscira by Zeus which happened more than 30,000 years ago, making Hippolyta an eternal immortal, unless killed in combat. [3]


  • Master combatant:

    Hippolyta fights against German Soldiers

    Hippolyta is extremely skilled, fierce, and formidable in both armed and hand-to-hand combat, a master of a vast array of uniquely Amazon martial arts, with centuries of combat experience (having been around since before Themyscira existed), having fought to free her Amazon sisters from human slavery, seconded only by her sister Antiope. Therefore, Hippolyta defeated many invading German soldiers and killed entire hordes of Parademons with relative ease.
  • Sword mastery: Hippolyta is an extremely skilled and formidable swordsman, with centuries of experience wielding his sword in many battles, including in the First Steppenwolf Invasion. Therefore, she defeated many invading German soldiers using her sword and killed many Parademons during the Steppenwolf Invasion
  • Expert archer: Hippolyta, is an expert archer. having shot precise arrows at Steppenwolf and later send one arrow as a message to her daughter Diana about the incoming danger.
  • Expert leader: Hippolyta, as the Queen of the Amazons, is held with great honor and respect by her people, with them even sacrificing themselves for her, showing that she is an extremely skilled and capable leader.
  • Expert deceiver: Hippolyta is highly skilled in deception and covert information withholding, as she lied to her daughter Diana for centuries as the latter grew up, never revealing her true heritage as the demigod "god killer", and instead claiming that she had sculpted Diana from clay, after which Zeus had brought the girl to life. Indeed, Hippolyta's deceptions were so persuasive, that Diana never thought to question them until Ares revealed to her the truth, while restrained by the Lasso of Hestia.
  • Omnilingualism: Hippolyta, as an Amazon, has the ability to fluently speak, read, and understand all human languages (even currently dead ones, like Ancient Greek, Latin, Sumerian, or Ottoman Turkish), as well as to instinctively identify a language's name when seeing it's written form. Hence, she spoke fluent English when Steve Trevor visited the island.



  • First armor: Dressed in her royal attire, Hippolyta wears a brown leather top that covers most of her upper body to her neck, there is a cutout of an Eagle (the symbol of her lover Zeus) where her breastplate would go while wearing her battle armor. A matching brown and silver belt plate in both of her attires. Below is a brown leather loincloth along with long brown slit gown. Hippolyta also wears a very long cloak that has fur along her shoulders and back, the cloak drags behind her as she walks.
  • Second armor: Hippolyta's second armor is similar to her first armor but it's design matches Diana's. her colors are more brown and gold. Her top goes up to her neck and has shoulder armor on both her shoulders. She bears the gold eagle on her breastplate, like Diana, but with greater detail added to it. On her head is her gold crown, and finally on her wrists are her gold Bracelets of Submission.

Other equipment

  • Helmet: Hippolyta used a battle helmet during the invasion of Steppenwolf to Themyscira.
  • Sword: Amazonian sword that Hippolyta wields in battle. It is strong enough to cut multiple materials.
  • Crown: Hippolyta wore a crown as part of his first armor. Later, she abandoned the crown for a battle helmet.





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