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Hestia was a member of the Old Gods who was the Goddess of Truth, worshiped by the Amazons and ancient Greek civilizations.

Among the other Old Gods, she opposed her nephew Ares in his corruption of the Human race. When the God of War attempted to destroy the Amazons, Hestia fought against him in the War of the Gods, losing her life in the conflict.


War of the Gods

"When Zeus led the gods to our defense, Ares killed them all, one by one, until only Zeus himself remained."

When Ares launched an attack on the Amazons, Hestia and the Old Gods opposed the God of War on Mount Olympus. In the battle, Hestia was slain by her nephew, along with all other gods except Zeus[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Old God physiology: As an Old God, Hestia was a phenomenally powerful being.
    • Immortality: Hestia lived for centuries, predating the creation of Humans and the Amazons. However, she could be slain by other gods, as Ares killed her during the War of the Gods.
    • Omnilingualism: Hestia possessed the ability to speak, read and understand all languages of Earth.


  • Lasso of Hestia: Hestia once utilized a lasso enchanted to compel anyone it touched to reveal anything hidden. Following her demise, the lasso was obtained by the Amazons, and later used by Wonder Woman.






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