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Heroes Park, formerly known as Centennial Park,[1] is a public park located in Metropolis, built to commemorate the victims of the Black Zero Event. It is located in the Heroes Park District, adjacent to the Daily Planet's head office in Metropolis' Upper East Side, west of Hob's Bay.

The park was built upon the devastated center of the Kryptonian attack.[2][3] In the park's center was a huge statue of Superman, built in honor of him defeating the invading Kryptonians of the Sword of Rao, namely General Dru-Zod.


At some point, the space known as Centennial Park was constructed.

Following the Black Zero Event, when the planet Earth was invaded by the Kryptonian General Dru-Zod and his radical movement, the Sword of Rao, a small reserve was utilized to build "Heroes Park", a dedicated area to commemorate the event, remembering those that died during the devastation. The park's site was built upon the nexus of the devastating gravity-wave impact from the Kryptonian attack, renaming the space known as Centennial Park. At the center of the park stood a massive statue of Superman, who played a key role in the demise of the Sword of Rao, and ultimate survival of the planet.[2]

While mourning the loss of loved ones, Wallace Keefe, who had been injured during the Black Zero Event, climbed atop the Superman statue and spray painted the words "False God" upon its chest. He was then quickly arrested and the graffiti was presumably removed.[4]

Superman's engraved memorial

The statue, along some of the memorial walls, however, would eventually be destroyed during Superman's Battle against Doomsday, and the subsequent memorial for the fallen Man of Steel would be held in Heroes Park. Superman's tomb reads: "If you seek his monument, look around you", emphasizing how Superman's heroic sacrifice guaranteed that the world and humanity would be still around, saved from Doomsday's bloodthirsty rampage.[4]

When Superman was resurrected a year later he flies over to Heroes Park groggily, as the Justice League shortly arrives. Superman is still confused and he attacks the group after Cyborg accidentally launches a projectile at him. A fight ensues while Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg attempt to restrain him but he overpowered them rather quickly. Flash tries to flank Superman, but he is able to see and match the former's speed, even landing a glancing hit. Superman is then attacked by the military, prompting a rapid response where he uses his heat vision to destroy two humvees. After overpowering Wonder Woman a second time, he attacks Batman. On the verge of being killed by Superman, Lois Lane emerges to remind him of who he really is. Superman manages to calm down and leaves with Lois to his family home where he reflects and tries to recover his memories.[5]



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