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"You can be whatever you want to be. You're brilliant, man. Absolute best of the best. I can't sit here and watch you run in place in Central City for some old dude who is not going anywhere."
―Henry Allen to Barry Allen[src]

Henry Allen is the husband of Nora Allen and the father of Barry Allen. Following his wife's murder in 2004, Henry was falsely convicted of killing her and sentenced to Iron Heights Penitentiary.


Early Life[]

Henry Allen graduated from university with a doctorate, and later met Nora, whom he would later marry. and had their son Barry Allen.[1]

Murder of Nora Allen[]

In 2004, Nora Allen was murdered in their home by Reverse Flash, and Henry Allen was falsely convicted for her death and sentenced to Iron Heights Penitentiary.[2] His son Barry would often visit Henry there.[3]

Visited by Barry[]

"Because you're holding yourself back. You're going in circles. You're working three dead-end jobs, going on four. Where do you even have the time?"
"I make the time."
―Henry Allen and Barry Allen[src]

At Iron Heights Penitentiary, Henry was visited by his son, Barry Allen, who was obsessed with proving his father's innocence and said he would keep visiting him. Henry, however, had lost faith that he would ever be proven innocent and that he would likely spend the rest of his life in prison, and so he asked Barry to move on and not visit him again before being taken away by a guard.

An Unfinal Farewell[]

Later, Barry Allen was recruited as part of a team to stop Steppenwolf and the invading forces of Apokolips. During their assault, the team failed to stop the Mother Boxes from combining, leading to a chain reaction that killed the rest of the team and began to subsume and terraform the entire Earth. As the shockwaves spread out, possibly even killing Henry, Barry finished healing himself and began to run faster and faster until he went faster than the speed of light, intending to reverse time to the right moment. As he embarked on his desperate gamble, Barry recited a proud farewell to his father in case he died in his attempt, although his father was not present to hear his words. As it turned out, his farewell was not necessary, as Barry indeed managed to turn back time and help Cyborg and Superman stop the Mother Boxes from fully combining.

Barry would later return to show Henry that he got a job at the Central City Police Department Crime Laboratory, to which, Henry began to shout and laugh in joy, prompting Barry to joke that he might get tased again.[3]

A Last Chance[]

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Henry Allen is an innocent man, being falsely convicted for the murder of his wife. Despite this, he wants the best for his son's future and asked him to never visit him again, though Barry still visited him.




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