"You can be whatever you want to be. You're brilliant, man. Absolute best of the best. I can't sit here and watch you run in place in Central City for some old dude who is not going anywhere."
―Henry Allen convincing his son Barry to stop visiting him in prison.[src]
Doctor Henry Allen is the husband of Nora Allen and the father of Barry Allen. Following his wife's murder in 2001, Henry was falsely convicted of killing her and sent to Iron Heights Penitentiary.[1]


Early Life

Henry Allen graduated from university with a doctorate, and later met Nora, whom he would later marry.

On September 30, 1992, Henry and Nora Allen had their son Barry Allen.

Death of Nora Allen

In 2001, Nora Allen was murdered in their home, and Henry Allen was falsely convicted for her death and sent to Iron Heights Penitentiary.[2] His son Barry would often visit Henry there.[3]

Barry Allen's Visit

At Iron Heights Penitentiary, Henry was visited by his son Barry Allen, who was obsessed with proving his father's innocence.


Henry Allen is an innocent man, being falsely convicted for the murder of his wife. Despite this, he wants the best for his son's future, and asked him to never visit him again, though Barry still visited him.




Behind the Scenes

  • In DC Comics, originally Henry Allen died from natural causes. However, this was retconned in Flash: Rebirth when Professor Zoom traveled back in time to Barry's childhood and murdered Nora Allen to get revenge on the Flash. With the blame placed on Henry, he spent the rest of his life in prison where he eventually died.
  • Billy Crudup was uncredited for his appearance in Justice League.


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