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The title of this article is conjectural as this subject has no known canonical name in the DCEU.

Harley Quinn's mallet is a mallet used by Harley Quinn. It appears to be an ordinary wooden mallet, but with a smiley face painted onto it.


Preparation for the Battle of Midway City

The mallet is among the items, clothes, and weapons returned to Harley. She later opted to use her bat instead and left the mallet behind.[1]

Siege on the Booby Trap

Quinn later used the mallet to fend off Roman Sionis' goons while trapped in the Booby Trap on Amusement Mile alongside Dinah Lance, Helena Bertinelli, Renee Montoya, and Cassandra Cain.[2]


The head of the mallet itself appears to be made out of normal wood, and is circled by a red-and-black harlequin pattern; its handle is blue with a black grip.

Like many of her other possessions, Quinn altered its appearance by doodling a smiley face with crossed out eyes on one of the head's blunt ends.

Behind the scenes


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