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"Are you serious? Look at my face. LOOK AT MY FACE!"
―Happy to Harley Quinn[src]

Happy was a criminal in Gotham City who was formerly employed as a killer for Stefano Galante, and played a hand in the Bertinelli massacre.


Early Career and Bertinelli Massacre

As part of his work for Galante, he participated in the Bertinelli Massacre, the slaughter of almost the entire Bertinelli Crime Family to allow Galante to become the dominant mafia don in Gotham City (though he was financed and supported by Black Mask's Criminal Organization). Though the assault was successful, it would ultimately prove Happy's undoing, as one member of the family, the young daughter Helena Bertinelli, was spared.[1]

Encountering Harley Quinn and Death

Joker tattooing Happy's face.

Later in his life, Happy crossed paths with the Joker, who, on a dare from Harley Quinn, tied him to a chair and tattooed his entire face in a parody of a clown's mask.

Years later, Happy encountered Quinn in a back alley of Gotham City. Having heard that she was no longer under Joker's protection, he was looking forward to beating her to death, slowly, with a crowbar. Before he could strike, he was shot in the throat with an arrow from Helena Bertinelli's crossbow. Happy was the third man responsible for the massacre whom Helena had killed, after Galante and Carlo Rossi, and leaving only Victor Zsasz[1]


"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
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  • Happy's grievance with Harley Quinn included her daring the Joker to tattoo a smile on his face.



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