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Hank was the Kent family blue heeler loyal to Clark Kent.


The Kents got Hank when Clark was still a young boy and it was the only friend Clark had as a child as the two used to play in the gardens and fields of the Kent farm.[1]

When Clark was 17, a tornado struck Smallville and as Jonathan, Clark, and Martha got out to investigate, they had to take nearby cover under an overpass. Realizing they had left Hank behind, Jonathan bravely went back to get him, as a car landed on top of the vehicle, trapping both of them. Jonathan managed to open a door for Hank to escape, but the tornado eventually swept Jonathan away to his death.[1]

After this event, Hank presumably continued to live with the Kent farm and died sometime later, his role being taken over by a Border Collie named Dusty.[2]





  • In children's' books based on Man of Steel as well as its tie-in novelization, the dog's name was Shelby, just as the family dog on the TV series Smallville.


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