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Haley's Circus is a family-owned circus, located along the Amusement Mile in Gotham City.


Haley's Circus has been welcoming crowds inside the big top for generations. The circus offers the traditional three rings of entertainment, but emphasizes human feats over animal acts. The circus features trapeze and high-wire artists, contortionists and magicians.[1] One of the acrobatics shows performed is the Haley Brothers acrobatic show.[2]

At one point, the Flying Graysons, a family of well-known acrobats, were famously killed in a fall before a packed crowd, were honored with a bronze plaque at the corner of the Haley lot.[1] Their son Dick Grayson (who had grown up in the circus) would later be adopted by Bruce Wayne, going on to become the latter's vigilante partner Robin.[citation needed]


  • The website for Haley's Circus is www.haleyscircus.got.[1]
  • The phone number of Haley's Circus is 1-467-555-0179.[1]

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