H'Raka was a female Kryptonian War Kite that served Jor-El prior to his death. During her master's efforts to secure the Growth Codex, H'Raka was mortally wounded by an explosion, and succumbed to her wounds shortly after delivering Jor-El to the House of El Citadel.[1]


During the Kryptonian Civil War, prior to the planet's destruction, Jor-El summoned H'Raka after his failed attempt to persuade the Council to give him control of the Growth Codex, allowing him to save the race himself due to their negligence.

However, El escaped capture and flew to the Genesis Chamber atop the Central Hub of Kandor, where he successfully retrieved the Codex. Upon emerging from the Hub, Zod's forces attempted to stop Jor-El, who launched himself off the structure to escape, landing on H'Raka before flying back to the House of El Citadel while pursued by Zod's forces, but Jor-El managed to escape underneath two Hammerheads colliding. The collision, however, mortally wounded H'Raka's neck, though she still managed to land before succumbing to her injuries.

H'Raka perished with the rest of her planet when its core imploded shortly thereafter.[1]


H'Raka, like every War Kite, was an enhanced domesticated lifeform of Krypton. She was enough to carry one or more adult Kryptonians, and possessed a sleek grey form, derived from the extracted chromosomes of an extinct Kryptonian aquatic mammal.[2] She had computerized implants melded to her nervous system to augment her natural reflexes and navigational skills, making her a valued mount. When in use by Jor-El, a saddle equipped with a robotic docking cradle for Service robots was strapped to her back.[3]





  • The name H'raka is possibly a variation of the Swahili word "haraka", meaning "fast".
  • According to the Kaiju Wikia page for H'Raka, her wingspan is estimated to be approximately 30 feet (9 meters), and her weight is an estimated 600 pounds (273 kilograms).



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