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Guy Kopski was the boyfriend of Harleen Quinzel.



Unbeknownst to him, Guy unwittingly took part in an experiment as part of his girlfriend Harleen's graduate thesis. Believing that Harleen had broken several rules and had shot Dr. Odin Markus, he himself shot and killed someone he believed to be Dr. Markus in the university's gymnasium.

In truth however, it was a homeless man who fell victim to his attack, something Guy quickly realized. Harleen later found him in the gymnasium laughing, and he asked her to help him commit suicide; Guy ultimately died from a bullet wound, though whether it was suicidal or homicidal was unclear.[1][2]

It would later be revealed that the test had been tampered with somehow by Dr. Markus himself, though at the time Harleen was unaware of this and credited Guy's actions as resulting from random chaos.[2]


As a result of the test, Quinn seemingly developed a deeper interest in chaotic individuals which quickly led her to Joker, a disturbed psychopathic criminal who would manipulate her into falling in love with him.[1] Years after the event, Harleen would later remark that her college days had caused her to fall in love and also break her heart several times.[3]




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