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The Grin Twins are two of Joker's bruisers; members of Joker's gang who accompany him on his criminal enterprises.

They dress in clean, black suits and carry automatic weapons. They're only ever seen together, and would be identical if not for the colors of their masks. Mr. Grin wears a black mask with a big, white, shark-like grin, while the colors of Smiley's mask are inverted.


Assault on Arkham Asylum

They were part of Joker's forces during the Assault on Arkham Asylum, where they avenged Goat Head Priest by shooting several Arkham Asylum security guards during their rampage. They stood among the survivors as Joker tortured his psychiatrist, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, before breaking out of the asylum.

Kidnapping of Van Criss

They later joined the attack on Van Criss Laboratories to help Joker kidnap Van Criss so that he could use the scientist to deactivate Harley's nano-bomb neck implant.[1]


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