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"No protectors here. No Lanterns, no Kryptonian. This world will fall, like all the others."
Steppenwolf to DeSaad[src]

The Green Lantern Corps are an intergalactic organization comprised of individuals dubbed Green Lanterns. They are known to channel their power through ring constructs.


Invasion of Earth[]

During Darkseid's attempted terraformation of Earth thousands of years ago, the Green Lantern Yalan Gur joined the forces of Earth, with the assistance of the Old Gods, to battle him. Gur used his ring to kill several of Apokolips' forces, but was ultimately slain by Darkseid himself. Having lost its bearer, Gur's ring flew from his body.[1]

Collision with Khaji-Da[]

Green Lantern in Blue Beetle

A Green Lantern collides with Khaji-Da

During Khaji-Da's interstellar journey, a member of the Green Lantern Corps collided with it, sending the latter flying off course and causing it to land on Earth.[2][3]







  • In DC Comics, the Green Lantern Corps is led by the Guardians of the Universe and each members are assigned to different Space Sectors, for instance, Earth is in Sector 2814, whether this is the same in the DC Extended Universe is unconfirmed.
Green Lantern toy - FotG

A Green Lantern plush toy

  • Instead of wearing their iconic green masks from the comics, Green Lanterns wear green makeup around their eyes as seen on Yalan Gur.[1] Although, as the masks, much like their armor, were manifestations of the rings, and Gur was a Lantern from 5000 years ago, it's possible this was done purposely, as the the original Lantern rings, the proto-rings, were very limited in their capabilities compared to the power rings used several millennia later.
  • A Green Lantern plush toy was seen on display in Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the opening credits of Blue Beetle, a green light is seen impacting Khaji-Da. Director Angel Manuel Soto confirmed that this green light was in fact a Green Lantern. "At the beginning of the title sequence, for those of you guys that follow the Blue Beetle comics, there's a green light that hits this character, and that's a Green Lantern," Soto explained.[4]
  • According to Zack Snyder, he had an idea for including another Green Lantern in Justice League which would have probably involved casting Ryan Reynolds in the role of a backup Lantern to that other Lantern.[5]
  • Some of the initial concept artworks for Zack Snyder's Justice League featured Hal Jordan to appear in the movie.[6]
    • Snyder revealed in another interview that the other Lantern he had planned to include originally was that of John Stewart, who was originally written and partially shot to appear in Justice League. During the production of Zack Snyder's Justice League, Snyder shot another version in his backyard, which the studio later asked him to remove. Snyder instead chose to repurpose the scene to act as the final scene of his film, only now involving Martian Manhunter.[7] Snyder later confirmed that the role of John Stewart was played by Wayne T. Carr.
LightsOut GL

Green Lantern shirt in Lights Out.


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