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The Green Lantern Corps is an intergalactic peacekeeping organization comprised of individuals dubbed Green Lanterns who conduct themselves akin to a police force. They are known to derive their power and ring constructs from the emotion of courage and possess indomitable willpower.



The Green Lantern Corps was founded by the Guardians of the Universe, an ancient race of beings who sought to create a force of benevolent protectors against the forces of evil.

Invasion of Earth

Yalan Gur Battle

Yalan Gur assisting Earth's warriors against Steppenwolf's invasion.

During Steppenwolf's attempted terraformation of Earth thousands of years ago, Yalan Gur joined the forces of Earth, with the assistance of the Olympians, to battle him. Gur used his ring to thwart the invasion of Apokolips' forces, but was ultimately slain by Steppenwolf.[1]

Having lost its bearer, Gur's ring flew from his body and into space to find a new Lantern.


Every Lantern is given a Green Lantern ring to aid them in their mission for intergalactic peace, and each ring is paired with a power battery to recharge its energy after it is spent. The rings allow the user to create whatever comes in mind with the emotion of courage and willpower in the user.

Known members


  • In DC Comics, typically only one Green Lantern is assigned to a space sector at a time. However, due to the large amounts of threats present to it, Sector 2814 (containing Earth, among other planets) is under watch by more than one Lantern.




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