Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, is a country located in Southern Europe.


Ancient Times

Mount Olympus, a mountain located in Greece, was also the home of the Olympians. Their home was also the place of the War of the Gods, which resulted in the complete extinction of their race, excepte for the God of War Ares.[1]

In Greece, people switched from a bartering system to a coin system. As well as Atlantis created its own coins.[2]

In 485 B.C., the word "philanthropist" is coined in Ancient Greece.[3]

World War I

Greece was one of many nations that participated in World War I.[1]

Modern Times

After Steppenwolf attacked the island of Themyscira, Queen Hippolyta shot an arrow with fire right onto the Shrine of the Amazons, an old shrine in Crete, to warn Diana of the coming invasion.[4][5]


Known Greeks

Known Historycal Greeks



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