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Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, is a country located in Southern Europe.


Ancient Times[]

Mount Olympus, a mountain located in Greece, was the home of the Old Gods, who were exclusively worshipped in Greek civilizations. Their home was also where the War of the Gods occurred, resulting in the complete extinction of their race, except for the Old God of War, Ares.[1] Afterwards, the Olds Gods were incorporated into Greek mythology.

In 800 B.C. the Greek Dark Ages ended and the era of Classic Antiquity began. In 485 B.C., the word "philanthropist" was coined in ancient Greece. Lex Luthor would reference this fact in a speech centuries later.[2] At some unspecified point, the people of Greece switched from a bartering system to a coin system. Atlantis also began to create its own coins around the same time.[3]

The common practice with practically every major Greek city was to have a god associated with its existence. Therefore, the city of Athens, known as the capital of Greece, was named after Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom.

At some point, the philosopher Plato established the Academy in Athens, an establishment which would widely become known as the very first institution of higher education in that era.

At some point, the people of Sparta were known to have participated in a conflict known as the Peloponnesian War, where they defeated by their fellow Greeks, the Athenians.

Atlantean Myth[]

The Atlanteans' existence was supposedly recorded by certain individuals within Egypt. These records were later uncovered by an Athenian statesman travelling within Egypt, who passed on the knowledge to the philosopher Plato, who in turn made reference to these records as well.[3]

World War I[]

Greece was one of many nations that participated in World War I.[1]

War for Earth[]

After Steppenwolf attacked the island of Themyscira to recover the first of the three Mother Boxes on Earth, Queen Hippolyta shot a flaming arrow right onto the Shrine of the Amazons, an old shrine in Crete, to warn Diana of the coming invasion.[4][5]



Known Greeks[]

Known historical Greeks[]


  • Greece has 13,676 km (8,497 miles) of coastlines.[3]
  • Digby & Sons was established in 1909 inside a Greek-columned building.[9]



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