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"Ain't nobody tell me no. Except my old lady."
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Grace Santana was the wife of Chato Santana. She was accidentally killed by her husband when he lost control of himself and his powers.


Chato and Grace Santana

Chato holds a lifeless Grace while crying

Grace married Chato Santana and had a son and daughter with him. Eventually, Chato used his pyrokinetic skills to his advantage and became a crook, becoming known as "El Diablo" on the streets. Upon Grace discovering his criminal activities by finding a stash of money and a pair of pistols, the two had an argument, with Grace threatening to take their children away to her mother's. El Diablo lost his temper, which led to him having a hard time controlling his pyrokinesis. This resulted in an enraged El Diablo setting their house ablaze, unwillingly killing both Grace and their children. A devastated, remorseful El Diablo handed himself over to police custody voluntarily.

Enchantress' Vision

"Miss me? I'll put the kids to sleep, and then, uh... maybe we can kick it?"
―Grace to Chato Santana[src]When El Diablo's mind was telepathically assaulted by Enchantress, the latter implanted a vision of El Diablo being with his family, with both children sleeping on the couch next to their father. All of a sudden, Grace came in the living room, asked Chato if he missed her. She suggested to put the children to sleep and spend time together with her husband.[1]




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