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The Gotham Goliaths are a professional football team based in Gotham City. They play their home games at Powers Stadium, and the team's rivals are the Metropolis Meteors. Despite their reputation for brutal, full-contact play, the team is seen as an underdog, with their infrequent victories being a reason for city-wide celebration.[1]


Around 2014, the Gotham Goliaths managed to beat the Metropolis Meteors with a final score of 42-0. In 2015, they were known to have been going through a winning five-game hot streak, beating even those leading in the division such as the Atoms team.[2]


  • Bull Burr (cornerback)[2]


In DC Comics, the Gotham Goliaths first appeared as a football team in Batman and the Outsiders #21, released in May 1985.


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