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The Gotham City Wildcats are the college football team of Gotham City University.


On the night of the accident that would ultimately lead to his transformation into the Cyborg, Victor Stone and the Wildcats played a game against the Wisconsin Badgers. Victor's mother, Elinore Stone was present, but his father, Silas, was busy with work. At some point after the accident that claimed Elinore Stone's life, Victor Stone was also presumed dead and thus 'buried' next to his mother.[1]

On October 29th, 2015, the Wildcats played against Metropolis. The game was close, but the Metropolis team pulled off a Hail Mary in the final moments of the game, defeating the Wildcats. Mazzuccheli and Mike Rucka watched the game in their GCPD squad car. Immediately after the game, several of the Wildcats started a brawl with their opponents.[2]

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