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"Look at the Gotham City Police Department, whose officers lean on the Batman to get their jobs done. Every time they send up a signal in the sky calling for the Batman it's a dereliction of duty, an admittance that a law-breaker is more effective than those who carry a badge. No matter how popular Superman seems to be, we can't make that same mistake in Metropolis."
Arsenio Golshan[src]

The Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) is the municipal police force primarily responsible for law enforcement and investigation in Gotham City, New Jersey.


The Gotham City Police Department has protected and served the people of Gotham City, New Jersey since 1821.[1][2]

Arrest of Deadshot[]

While out shopping with his daughter Zoe, Floyd Lawton was ambushed and subjugated by Batman, he was then willing to be arrested by the GCPD.[3]

Arrest of Cesar Santos[]

One night, officers Mazzuccheli and Mike Rucka were responding to a call that led them to a condemned building. The officers responded to the dispatch operator as they discovered a batarang embedded in a wall. Entering the building, Mazzuccheli and his partner went to the basement, where they discovered many Asian women hiding in a caged area, victims of human trafficking. When the officers attempted to rescue the women, they were surprised to find the women wanted to stay in, out of fear. One of the women pointed above them, stating that "it" was still in the building. Rucka, confused, looked up as he and Mazzuccheli heard the cries of Cesar Santos.

Rucka went upstairs, where he discovered a bloodied and bruised Santos bound to a radiator. As he ventured further into the room, Rucka became aware that a figure was perched in a corner beside him. Turning, Rucka encountered the Batman for the first time and shot wildly at him, nearly killing his fellow officer, but the Dark Knight moved swiftly, avoiding the gunfire as he escaping through a hole in the ceiling.

When Santos is eventually murdered in prison due to the brand (revealed to be thanks to Anatoli Knyazev acting on behalf of Lex Luthor's orchestrations), a prominent reporter from the Daily Planet, Clark Kent, stops by the GCPD to get answers, only to be essentially stonewalled by a police officer, who claims to not be allowed to give him pertinent information. As Clark noticed cartoon artwork of a coward criminal before a GCPD officer using the Bat-Signal as a weapon against him, only one GCPD officer is willing to indicate Santos girlfriend Adriana and child to the reporter without saying a word. When Clark speaks with her, Adriana tells him that Santos was a vile criminal, but also a father and that the "Bat brand of justice" is essentially a death sentence in prison everywhere. She also tells Clark how unfair it is that local police endorse one man who decides who lives and who dies unchecked by the law and that Clark's pen won't defeat a man like that, only violence will.[4]

Disappearances in Gotham[]

At GCPD, things seem a little tense, but other officers walk by like it's a normal day where a cop has to be physical with the prisoner. Gordon sees it and his name is called. Turning around, a female officer gives him his messages. Crispus Allen approaches him after she walks away. They take a walk and Gordon jokes saying that he doesn't "have to see the sky to know it's a full moon." Crispus says that "half of Gotham's reality-challenged community showed up, saying they saw flying monsters by the harbor." Gordon jokes and says "You were right Ma; Police Academy. What's wrong with dental school?" With the sudden kidnapping of eight S.T.A.R. Labs in both Gotham City and Metropolis, Gordon is notified by Crispus, who after observing witness statements about a "flying demon" and handing Gordon a file with a drawing that looks similar to Batman, begins to suspect Batman of being responsible for the abductions. Gordon, however, refuses to think this, mentioning his great contribution against crime in Gotham for over twenty years, claiming that he will talk to him. Crispus wonders how, and Gordon tells him "How do you think?", indirectly saying that he's typically going to contact him on the roof via the Bat-Signal.[5]

Harley Quinn's Emancipation[]

Renee Montoya Walks Out

Renee Montoya walks off the job

At the time of Harley Quinn's breakup with Joker, Renee Montoya was serving as a detective at the Gotham City Police Department, with Patrick Erickson as her captain. The two had long had an antagonistic relationship, as she felt he had stolen the promotion that she deserved. She was at the time investigating the criminal empire of Roman Sionis, the Black Mask but was warned off due to his great power over Gotham City.

Meanwhile, when Cassandra Cain stole a diamond from Black Mask's lieutenant, Victor Zsasz, and swallowed it, she was sent to a cell within the Gotham City Police Department. Harley Quinn was tasked with retrieving the diamond in exchange for her life. She staged a daring breaking to the police department and busted Cain from her cell. Montoya pursued both Quinn and Cain, eventually becoming involved in a dramatic showdown with the Black Mask. After affairs were resolved and the Black Mask killed, she quit her job at the Gotham City Police Department in the order form the Birds of Prey with Black Canary and the Huntress. Meanwhile, Patrick Erickson took the credit within the police department for her work.[2]

Alternate Universes[]


In a possible future, the Joker wore a GCPD SWAT vest decorated with police badges from various different cities during his time fighting against the Regime with the Insurgency.[6]

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