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"Who are you guys?"
Harley Quinn to the Hunters[src]

The Gotham City Hunters are a mercenary group based in Gotham City who wear traditional biker gear. They were one of the groups who hunted for the Bertinelli Diamond after Roman Sionis offered a half million dollar reward for it.


"Keep the kid alive!"
―The Hunters leader to his men[src]

After receiving a phone alert of a $500,000 bounty on Cassandra Cain, who was in possession of the Bertinelli Diamond, the gang stormed the Gotham City Police Department following Harley Quinn's assault on the building, finding both Harley and Cassandra in the GCPD's evidence warehouse.

As the pair ran from the Hunters, the seven Hunters split up to hunt them down between the rows of storage shelves. Harley engaged them in combat, defeating them in waves as each sub-group found her. When only the leader remained, he captured Cassandra and attempted to leave, but Harley retrieved one of his men's guns and shot him dead from behind. The remaining six were severely injured with potential fatalities among them.[1]

Known Members[]






  • Some of the Gotham City Hunters' jackets have a patch that says "Bat Killer" on the front, which means they most likely have encountered Batman.