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"Gotham has always had a reputation as a city plagued by gang violence, drug trafficking, vandalism, and arson. Many years of "the Batman" has curbed that problem, but at what cost? Are the people of Gotham willing to live in a city where fear is a substitute for order?"
―Luis Pascual[src]

Gotham City is a large city located on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, in the federated state of New Jersey, across the bay from its sister city, Metropolis, Delaware in the District of Metropolis. It is also the birthplace of the fearsome vigilante known as the Batman.

Always a literal cesspool filled with criminals, corruption, pollution and vermin infestations, Gotham is considered by some to be the most dangerous and criminally corrupt city in the world. By day, an attractive and alluring tourist location, while by night, every decent persons' worst nightmare.



Founded centuries ago in 1635 by a Norwegian mercenary, Gotham City grew to become one of the world's leading economic hubs and a center for history, technology and the arts.[2]

20th century[]

Gang Violence[]

In the 1970s, Gotham experienced a period of extreme civil unrest and gang wars. These conflicts forced the businesses in the city's famed Clocktower to exit.[3]

Murder of the Waynes[]

Bruce Wayne with his parents

Thomas and Martha Wayne were gunned down by Joe Chill after leaving the Aragon Theatre.

In 1981, eminent philanthropists Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered by mugger Joe Chill after watching The Mask of Zorro at the Aragon Theatre. The crime left their only son Bruce the last remaining member of the Wayne Family, who witnessed the murder of both of his parents at just 9 years old.[4]

Legend of the Batman[]

""Crime Wave in Gotham." Other breaking news, "Water... wet.""
Perry White to Clark Kent[src]

In the mid-1990s, a vigilante known as "the Batman" waged a one-man war on crime. Armed with a prototype high-tech armored suit, numerous gadgets and a custom combat vehicle, the vigilante went on to take down various criminal organizations and other extremely formidable criminals, ranging from the flamboyant psychopaths Joker and Harley Quinn, to the mercenary Deadshot, and cannibalistic metahuman Killer Croc.[5]

21st century[]

Bertinelli Massacre[]

Bertinelli Massacre

Stefano Galante watched on while Victor Zsasz, Happy, and Carlo Rossi gunned down the Bertinellis.

To further fund his criminal empire, Roman Sionis placed a hit on the Bertinelli Crime Family, once the most powerful crime family in Gotham City. He ordered some of henchmen and members of the Galante Crime Family to obtain the Bertinelli Diamond. The entire family was massacred with only Helena Bertinelli surviving. She later became a crossbow wielding assassin to kill the people involved in the massacre to avenge her family.[6]

Assault on Arkham Asylum[]

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Capture of Deadshot[]

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Capture of Firefly[]

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Assault on Wayne Enterprises[]

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Chase of Joker and Harley Quinn[]

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Conspiracy against Superman[]

Chase for the kryptonite[]

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Duel at Gotham Port[]

Two years after the Black Zero Event, a grizzled and cruel Batman came to the conclusion that Superman was a threat to humanity, and must be destroyed. He fashioned three kryptonite gas grenades and a Kryptonite Spear, and arrived at the abandoned Gotham Port, where he set up traps and put the kryptonite spear in place. When all was ready, Batman activated the Batsignal and waited for Superman to appear.

Superman arrived and attempted to explain how they were being manipulated by Lex Luthor, however Batman refused to listen, and claimed he already understood the situation. Superman demonstrated his strength to Batman while Batman, knowing that his odds could only improve if Superman was placed into a weaker state, used a kryptonite gas grenade to weaken him. Batman bested Superman and tackled him down into a building where the two battled it out. However, just as Superman gained his strength and invulnerability back, Batman reloaded his grenade gun and fired another kryptonite grenade, giving him an even greater advantage. Batman grabbed his Kryptonite Spear and sliced it across Superman's face as Superman pleaded with him to save "Martha", just as Lois Lane arrived and explained that coincidentally, his own mother was named Martha. Finally realizing that Superman's existence on Earth was never a threat and by obsessing on Superman turning evil, he himself became the embodiment of this evil himself, and threw his spear aside.

Rescue of Martha Kent[]

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Battle against Doomsday[]

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Flashpoint Timeline[]

"I'm also the Flash
"I'm also the Flash." ―Flash, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four, Arrow
This article is about a subject that originated from the DC Burtonverse universe in the larger DC Multiverse. This article only contains content relevant to the DC Extended Universe. For information regarding that universe, see Gotham City.

Batman's Crusade[]

"Things have changed. Gotham is now one of the safest cities in the world."
Bruce Wayne[src]

In Gotham City, Bruce Wayne went on a crusade against crime as the masked vigilante known as Batman, facing off against villains like the Joker. He'd often use the Batmobile as transportation throughout the city to the point where it was even reported on the news. By 1997, Bruce completed his mission and helped Gotham become one of the safest cities in the world.[7]




Flashpoint Timeline[]




Gotham City map

Map of downtown Gotham City.

Flashpoint Timeline[]


Gotham Organized Crime[]

Flashpoint Timeline[]


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