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Good Night[2] is the personalized baseball bat of former Task Force X member Harley Quinn.[3] It has also been used by Birds of Prey member Dinah Lance.[4]


Before and during the Battle of Midway City

Aside from the customized Chiappa Rhino 60DS, she carries in an underslung holster, Harley sported a wooden baseball bat, cosmetically altered by her which she used as her primary weapon. She had shown to tend to play with it at times, including when she made it look like she's wielding a rifle or shotgun. [3]

"Maybe it's time to put that mangy cat to sleep."
―Harley to the Joker about Don Leo, who he is threatening with the Good Night baseball bat.[src]

Before being locked in Belle Reve, Harley and her boyfriend the Joker was an infamous couple in the streets of Gotham City, committing many crimes and striking fear in the hearts of Gotham citizens. In 2016, one such crime occurred when Harley and Joker stayed at the Marin Hotel and kidnapped and tied up Gotham art enthusiast and crime boss Don Leo. Joker used Good Night to threaten Leo, who he believed had intruded on his turf.[1]

Battle at the Booby Trap

Dinah Lance later used the bat when she, Quinn, Cassandra Cain, Helena Bertinelli and Renee Montoya had to fend off Roman Sionis' goons in The Booby Trap funhouse in Amusement Mile.[4]

Behind the scenes