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"Germany is an immensely proud nation. They will never surrender."

Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a country located in central Europe.


20th Century

World War I

Germany, often called at the time Fatherland by the Germans,[1] was one of the major nations that mobilized during World War I, orchestrated by Ares. Kaiser Wilhelm II was known as the reigning emperor of Germany at that time.[2] Germany was the dominant force in the Central Powers which fought, and lost to the Allied Powers, due in part to the latter side having the aid of superheroine Wonder Woman and the Wonder Men.[3]

World War II

Between the 1930s and the 1940s, Germany was ruled by the Nazi Party.[4] It embarked in a campaign to conquer Europe. During their campaign, they invaded France and took many items from the Louvre Museum.[1]

Cold War

Following World War II, Germany was first occupied, and then later split into two countries - East and West Germany. Alexander Luthor Sr. was born and raised in East Germany before moving to the United States, and founding his own petrochemical and heavy machinery company called LexCorp Industries.[5][6]

21st Century

A German archeologist was an associate of Diana Prince in the Louvre Museum.[7]



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