Gerard Davis[1] was a Midway City businessman who was killed by Enchantress to use as a body host for her brother Incubus.


Possession by Incubus

Gerard Davis was a corporate executive in Midway City. He lived there in the city's western suburbs with his wife Adrienne, who worked as a painter, and their two children Julie and Gene.[1]

One day on his way home from work he decided to use the subway, lamenting the lack of a company car and driver that he had expected as part of his recent promotion. While using the restroom there, he was suddenly attacked by the Enchantress, who had teleported into the room. She rebounded of the wall and knocked him to the floor, hitting his head in the process, causing Davis to lose consciousness. The Enchantress then opens the vial containing the spirit of her brother, the Incubus, who flowed inside Davis' mouth and possessed his body.




Behind the Scenes


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