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"Not on my watch! You're not putting those monsters back out on the street in our name!"
―General Edwards to Amanda Waller[src]

General Edwards is a 4-star General in the United States Army, as well as the Chairman of the United States government National Security Council. While initially against Amanda Waller's pitch for Task Force X, he would eventually become convinced and supports her idea's implementation.


Meeting Amanda Waller

General Edwards and the US National Security Council meet with ARGUS Director Amanda Waller in Pentagon, to discuss her sales pitch for Task Force X - a team of expendable, obedient individuals with exceptional powers or skills, who would be there to defend the world if an opponent of Superman's caliber ever emerges to threaten it, as a contingency against it. Despite Dexter Tolliver's persuasive global security argument, Edwards adamantly refused to allow Waller to lead dangerous supervillains and criminals back out in the streets in the name of the US government.

Waller, however, would not be dissuaded, and demanded that June Moone step forward and reveal Enchantress, much to General Edwards' dismay. Waller, however, proceeded to order Enchantress to warp and fetch a highly sought-after file from Iran, containing the Iranian nuclear arsenal inventory. A returned Enchantress then attempted to flirt with him, sensually caressing his face against his objections. After the successful demonstration and Enchantress' reverting back into her human host, an impressed Edwards finally gives Waller the authorization she sought.

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General Edwards is quite dedicated to his job, though also somewhat gruff, adamantly expressing his dismay at Amanda Waller's Task Force X idea, but he would eventually be persuaded otherwise, after recognizing Enchantress as a valuable exploitable asset.





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