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Galaxy Broadcasting System, also known as WGBS News or GBS, is a news company located in Metropolis.


Black Zero Event

Superman and General Dru-Zod flew past the WGBS building during their final battle in 2013.[1]

Attack on the surface world

In 2018, Arthur and Thomas Curry watched a WGBS news report at the bar in Amnesty Bay. Marine biologist Stephen Shin was also interviewed to explain his theories on Atlantis by WGBS News after a phenomenon that resulted in warships and decades of marine waste being reversed onto land.[2]

Rescue of the Philadelphia Bus

WGBS News also reported several events in Philadelphia like Shazam's rescue of a bus and the battle at the Christmas Village.[3]

Metahumans-Monster Battle Spurs Political Unrest

GBS - Metahumans-Monster Battle.png

When Starro rampaged through Corto Maltese, WGBS covered the event live. Tyla DuBois happened to notice her father (who was supposedly in prison) on the screen.[4]

Behind the scenes



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