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For General Edwards, see Edwards.

"We don't leave teammates behind. Let's get our people back."
―GQ Edwards to Rick Flag[src]

"GQ" Edwards was an officer of the United States Armed Forces and a Navy SEAL who assisted Rick Flag in the first Task Force X mission in Midway City.


Edwards had an impressive combat record as well as a good background, having been an academy grad with a PhD from Stanford. He had been awarded a large number of medals but wasn't the type to brag about them. He was known to have served as a Navy Seal for over nine years prior to the events of Midway City and the fateful mission conducted by A.R.G.U.S..

Edwards was recruited by A.R.G.U.S. to help Task Force X along with two units of Navy SEALs codenamed Bravo and Alpha. Edwards was the leader of the SEALs as he was a lieutenant, but was under the command of Rick Flag. He saw the team for the first time and was dismayed as he thought the SEALs were more than enough to take out Enchantress.

He went to Midway City, Michigan alongside Task Force X to battle Enchantress and Incubus, though it was covered as a terrorist attack. The helicopter they were on crashed, but everyone survived. He and the rest of the Navy SEALs were almost overpowered by Enchantress' minions, the Eyes of the Adversary, but the SEALs and Task Force X successfully fought them off. Edwards started to question Flag after one of the minions they killed seemed to have once been a civilian, but quickly backed down when asked if he would believe the answer. Bravo was captured and turned into minions, leaving only the remaining members of Alpha.

They made it to the extraction zone to escort Amanda Waller into a helicopter, but it was hijacked by the Joker with the help of his goons. Joker and his goons managed to kill all but four of the SEALs. They made a plan to take out Incubus by driving him into a corner and blowing him up with a demo charge Flag had abandoned earlier in a now flooded subway station. The SEALs put on scuba gear and Edwards led them underwater, accompanied by Killer Croc.

They were ambushed by some of Enchantress' minions, but the Eyes were held off by the SEALs and Croc. Meanwhile, El Diablo fought Incubus in his flaming avatar form and drove him into the corner as planned. The rest of the SEALs were killed pretty easily by the minions, but Croc and GQ kept going. Edwards managed to get the charge and swim away. He set the charge and Rick Flag gave the command to blow it, which he did, knowing that he would certainly be killed. He, Diablo, and Incubus were all caught in the ensuing blast. Moments after their deaths, Flag considered Edwards's sacrifice as something that made him a hero.[1]


"You just don't fight that kind of stupid over-the-top determination."
―GQ Edwards[src]

GQ did not show off his many medals by wearing them.[1]


"None of them have the training I have."
―GQ Edwards to Rick Flag[src]

GQ's combat record read as impressive. He graduated from the Academy, he had a PhD from Stanford, and he had been awarded a "trunkload" of medals. He had been a Navy SEAL for nine years before his sacrifice.[1]

  • Expert marksman: Edwards is a highly skilled marksman, landing several shots on some of Enchantress's Eyes of the Adversary, though he is far surpassed in accuracy and precision by Deadshot. He shot an Eye of the Adversary behind Rick Flag, missing the latter by a fraction.[1]
  • Expert swimmer: Edwards, due to being a Navy SEAL, is a highly skilled swimmer, thus he was able to plant a bomb in a flooded tunnel under Incubus.
  • Skilled leader: Edwards, as a Navy SEAL lieutenant, is a very skilled leader (at least on par with Deadshot). Hence, he helped Rick Flag lead two units of Navy SEALs codenamed Bravo and Alpha alongside Task Force X in the mission in Midway City. Later on he (under Flag's orders) led three remaining SEALs and Killer Croc to plant a bomb under Incubus.
  • Bilingualism: GQ spoke English and Spanish.[1]
  • Indomitable will: GQ was willing to sacrifice himself to defeat Incubus.


  • Heckler & Koch HK416: Like Rick Flag, Edwards carried an HK416 Assault Rifle as his primary weapon.
  • Grenade Launcher:[1]
  • Knife:[1]
  • Pistol:[1]





Behind the Scenes[]

  • Scott Eastwood accepted the role of GQ Edwards mainly due to having a trusting relationship with director David Ayer.[2]
  • In David Ayer's original cut, GQ Edwards originally had more scenes. However they were all cut out when the film was reedited at the request of the studio.[3]
  • Scott Eastwood was offered a chance to return as GQ Edwards in The Suicide Squad, however he turned the offer down.[4]